The Answer to Left Field May Be in Erie…

His name is Daniel Fields and he is a Detroit native.  He is also hitting his way into the major league conversation.

Here’s a story from the Detroit News, courtesy of Nebraskaknows.

Double A Erie

Who’s hot …

Daniel Fields, CF: .302, with an .868 OPS, in his last 10 games. Fields has played his way into contention for a center-field job in Detroit should Austin Jackson depart as a free agent in a couple of seasons. Fields, 22, is 6-2, 215, bats left-handed, and was signed out of University of Detroit Jesuit High.

Melvin Mercedes, RH reliever: Having a superb summer, Mercedes, 22, has an 0.56 ERA in 18 games, with 15 strikeouts and five walks in 16 innings. Opposing batting average: .226.

Tyler Collins, LF: .282 in his last 10 games. Collins, 23, is a left-handed batter, and was the Tigers’ sixth-round pick in 2011 (Howard Junior College).

And who’s not …

I commandeered this section.  Andy Dirks, aka, Dirksy.  He’ not getting it done.  He needs to make adjustments or the the Tigers need to move on.  And, I’m sorry, I don’t want Delmon Young back.  I also don’t want Clete Thomas back but I might give Casper Wells another shot.  But, I think before anything is done, DK deserves a shot at the left field position.

In case I forgot to mention this, the Tigers left 23 runners on base in the last game in the Bronx. Couple this with Hunter and Dirks leaving 15 on, between themselves, in the first game, and you have the anatomy of a series debacle against a team that is decimated by injuries and for lack of a better term, sucks, this year.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

7 thoughts on “The Answer to Left Field May Be in Erie…

  1. Do that mean they had 23 more chances to score one or more runs? On a serious note. I believe that all the time AG spent in the D he was being dangled as trade bait. Period. They have known what they needed for some time and they got an arm and a S.S…………… they didn’t make that trade without a plan now we just need to figure the plan out. Pretty sure it involves DK ’cause he can play any position and bats left so what scares you more in the next 19 days? Phil C….AL A…..or Dirks? If DD is going to tweak anything he has 19 days…. just a little scared?

    • The Amazing Al is my biggest concern in the pen. I have no confidence in him. He just can’t find the strike zone on a regular enough basis.

      I’m not that worried about Phil Coke against lefties. His last outing he got the first lefty he faced out then gave up a base hit on a broken bat. There’s not much you can do if you break the guys bat and he stil gets a hit. Remember in the game 7 of the 2001 World Series, Rivera broke Gonzo’s bat but he was still able to get a hit and drive in the winning run.

      I think tough spells start when you’re not pitching well and still get outs. The begin to end when you start making good pitches and run into some bad luck. I think Coke is on his way out of his funk.

  2. Well then we are back to a corner outfielder………so I suggest DK gets regular time against right handers and if they ain’t happy with that then they go to the farm. I don’t think they have any trade chips left to play with…..

  3. Chris, you have more faith than I that the Tigers can actually develop an outfield prospect. Haven’t had one since Granderson, and even he wasn’t considered a major prospect at the time. He was more of a nice surprise when he finally got the opportunity. As usual I think they will have to go outside the organization to fill the outfield voids in LF, and in one year RF. Hopefully we can keep hold of AJ, unless someone better comes along.

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