Royals 5 Tigers 2

After scoring 16 runs the first game of the series the Tigers scored just five the final two games.  As a result, they lost the weekend series and the season series to the Royals.

As we have noted here several times, the Tigers cannot manufacture runs.  When they are not pounding the ball it is difficult for them to score.  It is difficult for them to win.  Couple that with sub-par pitching 3 of the last 4 games and we have a recipe for disaster.

I know, statistically, the Tigers have the best offense in baseball.  However, these numbers are skewed.  The Tigers put up huge numbers in a game or two and then do relatively little for the next week.  If we take this series with the Royals, the Tigers scored 21 runs in 3 games for an average of 7 runs per game.  But like Mark Twain said, “there are lies, damn lies and statistics.”  Upon closer examination we see the real picture.  16 runs the first game, 3 runs the second and 2 runs in the third.  If we take just the last two games, the Tigers only scored 2.5 runs per, hardly enough to win.

The Tigers have gotten away with streaky offense most of this season but that was due in large part to the pitching.  But now the pitching needs to be picked up and the offense can’t find a way to score with consistency.

The Tigers have positioned themselves to win with a specific formula, pitching, defense, and homers.  When any of these three elements are lacking the Tigers struggle to win.

In the first game of this series Tigers announcer Rod Allen marveled at how the Tigers continued to grind out at bats with the score well in hand.  Over the last two games, we didn’t see a lot of grinding, unless you count grinding to a halt.

Alex Avila threw out Lorenzo Cain, the second consecutive base runner the Tigers have thrown out, in the second inning.  Iggy hit a homer in the 3rd to give the Tigers the lead but that was about all there was to cheer about for Tigers fans today.

Much like JV, I’m not sure what to make of this team, but my hope of the 29 year drought coming to an end this season is fading, and fast.

Let’s see what they can do in Chicago.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

5 thoughts on “Royals 5 Tigers 2

  1. Wondering what the other readers of this blog think… Is this team going to fold down the stretch and blow this thing? I don’t think they will, but it wouldn’t shock me if they did.

    I take criticism for my opinion about Leyland. I don’t feel like he is a terrible manager, but he is not the one to take this team to the top of the mountain. I had to listen to his post game commentary today, and as I suspected he was so complimentary about Bruce fucking Chen, and what a great job he did with his change of speed on his pitches. I thought it was more a lack of the hitters recognizing the pitches and having any plate discipline. Unlike their last time against him, they tried pulling everything and hitting a lot of weak fly balls. Notice how Fister carved thru the Royals lineup the first time around, but on the second time thru the lineup their hitters made some adjustments and got just enough to win. We appeared to make no adjustments today.

    Top needs for next year: manager, left fielder, catcher.

    19 games to go, probably only need to win 8

  2. Sark, I’m glad you brought up the part about making adjustments. I had made a note of this but forgot to mention it. It seems like all Tigers starters struggle in the 4th and 5th innings. Like you said, the second time through the order, opposing hitters make adjustments. For the most part, the Tigers don’t.
    I’ve been a little disappointed in Miggy the last few game, especially today. He seem sort of lackadaisical. I know how can you pick on a guy hitting .350. I guess because he’s the only one that comes through consistently Fielder seems to get hits when they don’t matter..

  3. Sark I am afraid your first paragraph says it all…….I won’t be shocked either. I agree with your post…….however one HUGE question in my mind is a simple one I DON”T have an answer for. Our Ace is one loss away from .500 we went to the post season with Brad Penny a .500 pitcher we did not win. If they don’t come up with something physical well then it’s mental and I don’t want Rick Ankiel. That said yea the Tigs need to play .500 ball that’s 4 more starts from JV. I just don’t know anymore I really don’t and you know I try to be a good handicapper….

    • Nebraska/Sark,
      I’m laying here watching the Reds/Dodgers and I got to thinking about JV. Do you think he needs to speed up his delivery again? He used to be a catch it throw it kind of guy that stemmed from his days at Old Dominion. It appears that he has slowed down his delivery perhaps he needs to return to his roots?

  4. I’m really hopeful there are two possible things wrong with JV that may come to light in the off-season. The first is something physically wrong that caused a distortion in his delivery, and/or he has been dealing with the emotions of losing his longtime girlfriend because he went Hollywood. Either of these are fixable with a few months off to regroup or heal any injuries. He can’t be counted on as an Ace for the playoffs in his current form, assuming they get in. Right now I would go Max, Sanchez, JV, Fister.

    Miggy is hurting and appears unable to get the leg drive and hip rotation needed to hit major league pitching. In this condition he will probably be up and down on his production the rest of the way. Sale tomorrow in Chicago, so it won’t be easy.

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