Ian Kinsler Glad To Leave Rangers…

In a candid interview with ESPN, Kinsler calls Texas GM, Jon Daniels, a “sleazeball” and says he hopes the Rangers go 0-162.

Here is a link to the interview.

Ian Kinsler and Family
(Kinsler, along with wife Tess, Jack and Rien, is signed through 2017 — long enough, he hopes, for his kids to remember seeing him play.)

Interestingly, Kinsler says that after the Rangers made it to the world series everybody got a big ego, except, Nolan Ryan.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural


Ok, so this post has nothing to do with baseball; or hockey; and I’m not catholic.

I recently went to Rome.  I visited the vatican and saw this pizza place called, “Habemus Pizza”.  I thought this was an appropriate and clever play on words.

When a new pope is selected an announcement is made, “Habemus Papam”, meaning, “we have a pope”.

Habemus Pizza
Habemus Pizza – We Have Pizza

“God I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural