Yankees 8 Tigers 4

David Price did his best Robbie Ray imitation. He lasted 2+ innings and gave up eight runs.

By the time the Tigers came to bat in the third the game was over.

I knew in the first inning that Price was in trouble. Like the Blue Jays, a few starts ago, the Yankees made Price throw a lot of pitches, around 30 in the first inning. This start was a nightmare and not good enough.

The Tigers have a rookie pitching tomorrow and in one of two games on Saturday. This weekend is probably going to get ugly again.

Has anybody noticed how Smyly is pitching?

If there was a bright side tonight, the pen threw seven scoreless innings.

Oh boy!

Tigers 5 Yankees 2 – All Hail Freeway Ricky

The Freewayman was smokin balls again tonight. He picked up his 15th win of the season. He didn’t go the distance but he lasted eight complete. The only blemishes are the two home runs he gave up Ellsbury.

J.D. and Torii led the way offensively.

Quietly, Castellanos and Suarez have started to look a lot better at the plate.

I don’t understand the defensive replacement tonight. DK in for J.D.? J.D. provided much needed offense, including a two out RBI. Additionally, a three run lead is hardly safe with the turd in to close.

I’ll take the win.

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Tigers 13 Twins 4

As bad as things started out, the last two games took the a little sting out of the first two drubbings.

The offense rescued JV yesterday and Max today.

I have to tip my hat to the offense, they showed up in every game this series. They scored a total of 31 runs in four games, almost seven per. Unfortunately, the pitching staff gave up 43.

One thing this series showed is how fragile this team is. The only real strength the Tigers have is starting pitching. The offense is inconsistent, the defense is slightly better than embarrassing and the bullpen is an abomination. But the starting rotation is not deep, as we’ve seen. Basically, they don’t have a chance if any one if the starting five goes down. The Tigers have nobody that can make a spot start and give them a chance, as this series proved.

I’m not putting this team in the playoffs, although I did send in my money, but winning is a lot better than the crap we’ve seen over the last six weeks.

One more thing, up yours Nathan you shit bird, you sucked again yesterday you turd.

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Tigers 8 Twins 6

The Tigers survived a bad start from Verlander, a bad game from Miggy, and Joe Nathan to get a badly needed win. I’m not saying this is a turning point but it’s nice to not have to write about another loss.

Even though Miggy was bad, enough of the other guys stepped up to put eight runs on the board.

The key play in this game came in the top of the sixth when Eugenio Saurez got a one out hit that drove in the tying and go-ahead runs. It is the kind of hit, although with only one out, that this team has failed to come up with.

Torri, Victor, J.D, Costellanos, Suarez and Bryan Holaday also had good nights offensively. When six of the players in the lineup have good nights, they can overcome a night where Miggy was slightly better than horrible.

When Miggy got his hit and RBI in the eighth, he looked like he was limping when he got to first base. I think he’s hurt a lot worse than I know or even suspected. If he is, I tip my hat for playing everyday.

I’m not sure what to make of JV. His velocity seemed pretty good but I’m not sure about his pitch selection. It looked like when he shook Holaday off, he paid for it.

Oh, well, I’ll take the W.

Twins 12 Tigers 4

I know Buck Farmer and Robbie Ray are call-ups, but these last two outings, if you can call them that, are abominations.

Just when I was warming up to Romine he pissed me off. After a Twins player hit a double Romine was yucking it up with him. Romine, is there something I’m missing? You and your team blow! So yuck that up jackass!

They suck!

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I’m not sure how much more of this team I can take. They are becoming almost impossible to watch.

The Tigers are only five games up on the Indians. At this point, a second place finish and a .500 season are the best Tigers fans can hope for.

I’m almost speechless.

In fact, I am speechless.

Good night.

Rays 1 Tigers 0

I’d be more open to “tipping my hat” to the other pitcher if this didn’t happen so often. That being said, both pitchers threw a gem this afternoon. So hat’s off to both Alex Cobb and David Price

David Price was smokin balls. He pitched a complete game and allowed only one unearned run and got a loss for his effort.

The Tigers had chances to score but couldn’t come through with a big at-bat. The top of the seventh with Torii on third, and one out, comes to mind.

I wasn’t back on the bandwagon after the first two wins so I’m not that disappointed by today’s loss.

The Royals could be on a run like the Colorado Rockies were on in 2007.

We’ll see.

Oh yea, up yours Nathan you shit bird!

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

Tigers 6 Rays 0

They call him Freeway Ricky and he was smokin balls tonight.

Well, actually, I’m the only one that calls him Freeway Ricky but he did smoke balls tonight. Porcello threw the fourth complete game of his career and his third complete game shutout this season. He allowed only three base runners and at one point retired 20 straight. The most impressive stat, however, is that Freeway Ricky needed only 104 pitches to get the job done.

On the offensive side, Victor drove in five of the six Tigers runs, four on a grand slam in the seventh. He looked terrible yesterday but Vmart looked good tonight.

Ok, Miggy is hurt and he has almost no power. That’s fine. I don’t expect him to find his power this year and perhaps he’ll never have the kind of power we saw from him in the past. But the thing that was driving me crazy about him was the strike outs and lack of walks. It looks like he’s figured the walk part out. There is a lot to be said for getting on base.

Finally, this was the best I’ve seen the bullpen pitch since Ricky’s last complete game. If they keep it up the biggest hole in the SS Tigers has been plugged.

One more thing, up yours Nathan you shit bird!

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Tigers 8 Rays 6

The Tigers scored three runs on two bases loaded walks and a past ball. Add to that a mis-played ball, that turned into a triple, and an error that led to three un-earned runs, and the Tigers got plenty of help from the Rays tonight.

The Tigers showed some grit. They fell behind early but kept coming. They even put together some good at-bats. They fouled off some pitches, drew some walks, and got a much needed win.

I’m not sure this is a turning point, I still think this team is too flawed to make a playoff run. At this point, I just hope they finish ahead of the Indians.

I’m warming up to Andrew Romine. He’s playing well defensively and has been coming up with important hits lately. He looks a whole lot better at short than Suarez.

Joba and the Shit Bird were both bad, again. There doesn’t seem to be any answers in the bullpen. I guess The Amazing Everyday Al and Blaine Hardy have pitched the best lately so perhaps try Hardy in the eighth and Al in the ninth? I don’t see what you lose by trying different combinations.

A note to the starters, you need to last at least eight innings and hand over a three run lead, or there is a good chance you won’t get a win,

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Top 5 reasons Tigers fans can’t stand Joe Nathan | Sports – Home

H/T: Cousin Bob

Top 5 reasons Tigers fans can’t stand Joe Nathan | Sports – Home.

One more thing, up yours Nathan you shit bird!

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural


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