Tigers Lose Another Series..To Rays

The bright side of this series is that JV had is second excellent start in a row. Other than that, there was nothing to like. Look back at the first two games. Even if the Tigers had gotten good pitching, did they hit enough to win?

The first few months they pitched but didn’t hit. The last month they hit but didn’t pitch. The last week, they haven’t done either.

I just received a phone updated that said the Tigers have informed other clubs that they are looking to the future. I hope I so. I can’t see the salvaging much from this season.

Tigers Drop Two Out of Three in Boston

The only pitching staff in the American League worse than the Tigers’ is Boston’s and the Tigers still couldn’t win a series.  Yet, I’m listening to MLB Radio and the hosts are still expecting the Tigers to acquire a pitcher and make a playoff run.  Here’s the problem; on the statistical anomalous occasion when they do get good pitching their offense decides not to score runs. There is an almost perfect discordant balance with this team that is hard to explain if you don’t watch them every game.

Rod Allen was on MLB Radio last week and he was asked if he thought the Tigers had a run in them.  He said he didn’t see it.  I agree.

I’ll be interested in seeing how Castellanos, Iglesias, and Verlander finish the season.

Mariners 3 Tigers 2

It’s just very difficult for this team to win games. The are one game under the .500 mark. They haven’t won three in a row since May. Whatever chemistry they have is not working. They usually don’t get pitching. Yesterday afternoon they got and the offense was embarrassing.

Nothing works in concert.

Speaking of concert. Watching this team play is like listening to my 7th grade band class; notes flying in every direction but rarely flying in harmony, a conglomeration of nonsense.

Tigers 9 Mariners 4

They’re back!!! Just kidding! Nick “The Quick” hit his first career grand slam and Anibal was good enough. This game nine was enough. Back to .500 and I’m not sure what to expect at the trade deadline. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Mariners 11 Tigers 9

If there was any hope for the Tigers left in the 2015 season Franklin Gutierrez ended it in the eighth inning last night.  His pinch hit grand slam off of Neftali Feliz should make it clear to the Tigers brass that 2016 is what they need to start concentrating on.  For all intents and purposes, 2015 is over.

Lost is this debacle was a mammoth home run by J.D. Martinez. J.D. continued his impressive season with an absolute CONNIPTION shot to straight away center field to give the Tigers signs of life in the third inning.  If Miggy can’t come back it should be fun watching J.D. the rest of the way.

Tigers 5 Mariners 4

This was a good night in an otherwise miserable season for Ian Kinsler. I was glad to see it.

Alfredo Simon wasn’t great but not horrible either.

A win is a win and they stayed at .500.

STAR WARS NIGHT-Episode V: The Umpire Strikes Out


Star Wars Night down on the farm.

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O’s 9 Tigers 3

Nebraska sent me an article that that the fire sale has begun in Cincinnati.  I think it should begin in Detroit as well. Verlander was horrible. The offense wasn’t far behind.

It appears JV’s start in Minnesota was the anomaly. He gave up seven earned again today and wasn’t fooling anybody.  He couldn’t make it out of the third.

The offense could manage only three runs despited getting 14 hits.  There was pretty much nothing to like except Iggy’s four hit day.

This is going to get ugly but it doesn’t have to stay ugly for long.  I just don’t want to sit through another 2003.

O’s 3 Tigers 0

This was actually a pretty well played game.  It lacked offense but I like a pitcher’s dual once in a while;  just as long as I don’t have to tip my cap to every ham & egger toes the slab against us. Both Price and Tillman were smokin balls.  The Tigers should have cashed a run in the bottom of the first when they had a runner on third with one out but Tillman looked like a top of the rotation guy last night.

David Price gutted out seven impressive innings allowing a single run on a solo shot by Manny Machado while striking out 12 and walking 1. Alex Wilson did what he does and pitched a clean 8th. Krol got a LONG out to lead off the 9th. Then Rondon essentially put the game out of reach by giving up two runs.  He needs to a bus ticket south about an hour.

Rondon did not pitch well and I can’t and won’t defend him.  But Anthony Gose could have bailed him out by making a catch he makes 9 out of 10 times.

It seems like things just are not working out for this team.  It doesn’t seem to be in the cards.  Unfortunately, I listened to 97.1 for a few minutes yesterday and some blow hard was talking about how if he were a season ticket holder he would be offended if the Tigers traded David Price.  I am a season ticket holder and here’s what offends me, charging $10.50 for three chicken fingers.

Tigers 7 Orioles 3

During his first two at-bats I thought J.D. Martinez was going into another funk. He was swinging at bad first pitches and immediately finding himself in 0-2 holes.   He changed that in his third at-bat by hitting his 26th home run.

J.D. also flashed some leather robbing Chris Davis of a home run with a a nice catch at the wall in right.  This is slowly becoming the J.D. Martinez show.

They got enough pitching from Anibal and the pen, although, Soria scares me, to piece this one together. It’s nice to start the “second half” off with a win.


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