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Bobby Ryan…

says goodbye to his Mom..

Dear Mom,
I lost you just a few days ago, and I already miss you a lot.

Dear Mom

We Are the Champions!!!

Sorry, I’m a little late with this!

Minoring In Baseball

27743469782_7a51870636_zWalsh Park-La Grange, KY: I honestly don’t know where to start! First off, I guess we can congratulate the Mariners on winning the North Oldham Little League Rookie Division championship! It was not an easy road, and there were many good teams in this league. The Mariners finished third in their division and received a first round bye. They faced the Indians in the quarter-finals, and won by the score of 4-2, with Brian getting the game-winning RBI. In the semi-finals, they went against the Royals, a team they haven’t beat all year. The Mariners won a tough battle, however, winning 6-4 on a hot 90 degree day at noon, to head to the championship. The Mariners were down 5-0 in the first, then battled back for the win. Their opponent in the final game was the Padres, the team that won the division in the regular season. This time…

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Thoughts on Miggy

Miggy has had two good games in Chicago and while I’m not saying, ‘he’s back’, his production has been nice to see.  That being said, I have noticed a few differences in his normal demeanor.  First, when he hit his home run yesterday, he put his head down and ran around the bases, foregoing his usual stutter-step before third base.  Second, I haven’t seen him constantly clowning around with everyone at first base whether on offense or defense.

While the commentators play off his incessant clowning as ‘a love for playing the game, IMHO, he takes it to the extreme and this extreme clowning projects a lack of seriousness.  Perhaps his lack of seriousness is understandable considering the amount of success he’s had and his success came immediately.  The Marlins brought him up at 19, he hit the ground running, and never looked back.  Maybe his recent struggles have humbled him a bit and forced him to refocus and take this craft a bit more seriously.  Like I said, I’m not sure he’s back, but the last few games have been fun to watch him again.

On another note, I wasn’t a big fan of Jack Morris’ color commentary with Mario Impemba but I like him a lot with Dan Dickerson. They seem to have good chemistry.  I don’t like Gibson period.  The booth rotation has to get Rod on more and get rid of Gibson for good. He’s horrible.

John Smoltz On Tony Gwynn

John Smoltz showed a wonderful statistic regarding Tony Gwynn during last night’s All-Star Game.  Gwynn dominated the Braves’s HOF trio of Smoltz, Maddux and Glavine.

  • Smoltz: 30-65 (.462) 2 HR
  • Maddux: 39-91 (.491) 0 HR
  • Glavine: 29-93 (.312) 2 HR

I guess that says it all!

H/T: William Wallace.



Anthony Rizzo | Flashin’ Leather

From Cubs vs Cardinals 6/28/2016.

Tigers 7 Marlins 5

The Tigers managed to win last night despite making three errors and Mike Pelfrey starting.  Their fifth inning yesterday reminded me of Indians’ fifth inning Sunday against JV.

I’m watching this afternoon with the Tigers up 4-1 but Norris looks shaky in the second.

We’ll see.

Indians 7 Tigers 4

Well, It looks like the Tigers just can’t beat the Indians.  The tables have turned from recent years.

The game ended on one of the oddest double plays I’ve ever seen.  I guess it was only odd because I thought Rajai Davis dropped the ball


This is the definition of hitting the ball into a conniption from last night, 6/20/2016.

Tigers 8 Mariners 7

Nice win and a needed win.  After losing the last three to Kansas City the Tigers could ill afford to lose their first game in the home-stand.

Justin Upton came through with two home runs including the walk-off in the bottom of the 12th.  If they Tigers are going to keep their heads above water they are going to need J-UP to stay hot.

Iggy scared me at short.  He made an error and almost booted another ball in the 11th.

Did anybody else notice that Upton almost missed the plate on his walk-off?


I have to tip my hat to the bullpen.  I don’t like the Tigers’ chances  battle of the pens but they pitched well tonight.

Pelfrey was bad.

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