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Tigers 9 Twins 2

Well the offense seems to have woken up.  The Tigers have won three in a row, four of five and Miggy hit a ball into a conniption.  I don’t think I’ve seen power like that from Miggy in over year.

Oh yeah, you still have to pitch to win and Michael Fulmer did a pretty good job.  He lasted five innings, allowed two earned on seven hits.  He struck out four and only issued one free pass.

Pitching Defense…

and three-run (and two-run) homers, Earl Weaver would be proud.

The offense woke up, the pitching was good, the defense was good, and Tigers ended up taking two out three against the A’s.

It’s not that hard.

Justin Upton | Flashin’ Leather

Justin Upton robs Chris Coghlan 4/26/2016, 3rd inning.


apparently, Monday’s offensive explosion was an aberration because the bats went quiet again Tuesday night putting up another ZERO.

Mike Pelfrey, wasn’t as bad as his final line.  He was charge with five runs but his defense didn’t help help him. In the top of the fourth, when the A’s scored three, Jose Iglesias dropped a strike from Salty that would have caught the runner at first stealing. Later in the inning, Nick Castellanos dropped a cut-off through from Justin Upton that would have cut the runner down at third.  Both of these runners ended up scoring.

The devil is in the details; shoddy fielding along with bad base running are ingredients for disaster.

Side Note: Justin Upton was flashin leather.  He made a home run saving catch early in the game.




had a huge night. Let’s hope this is a sign that he’s pulling out his funk.  At least for one game he looked the best hitter I’ve ever seen, again.

Although, not exactly a CONNIPTION SHOT, by Miggy’s standard, I’m giving his second home run a conniption shot.

Weekend Debacle…

The Tribe completed their sweep of the Tigers on Sunday with 6-3 thrashing.

The Tigers are struggling mightily, perhaps non more than the Mighty Miggy.  Although Miggy always starts slow, the start to this season is exceptionally so.

There were two things from Sundays game that really annoyed me. First, having Miggy pinch hit with the bases loaded.  I know he was the go-ahead run but he is only hitting .210 and expecting his slow bat to produce a big pinch hit, late in the game, I think was more hope than anything else.  What does Nebraska say, “hope is not a strategy”?

Second, BA’s complaining about the the tape on the ring finger of the Indians pitcher was more desperation and frustration than anything else.  I was irritated, I thought it was un-called for and just another sign of the funk this team is in.



in the last 18 innings is all the offense could muster.  Just when I started bragging about the offense, they pull this.

They’re makin’ me MAD!

JV looked pretty good but hasn’t he given up a lot of long balls this year already?

Tigers 3 Royals 2

It would be nice if the Tigers could finally get a closer.  Or, how about someone that doesn’t throw batting practice in the 9th inning?  I hate to say it, but I’ve seen enough of K-Rod aka HR-Rod.

Is Joba still available? Just kidding.

Royals 8 Tigers 6

Twelve games into the season the Tigers are 7-5. The offense is better than I expected, the pitching, however, is a hair shy of an abomination.

Shane Greene and Blaine Hardy were not good last night, as Sanchez was not good on Sunday in Houston.

While the offense is humming along nicely, I am little concerned about two things.  First, the outs made on the base paths, it will come back to haunt them.  Second, I love Miggy.  I really do.  He’s probably the best hitter I’ve ever seen but I’m beginning to wonder if he is on the downside of his career.  His bat looks slow and he didn’t look good against Herrera in big spot with the bases loaded. That being said, if you score six runs, you should be able to win.

I hope I’m wrong about the Mighy Miggy.

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