Happy Birthday Mr. Hockey!

Gordie Howe, my favorite hockey player and all around good guy, is 87 today!

The 1915 Detroit Tigers…

This is a pretty interesting story about the Tigers of 1915.  The are not one of the most remembered versions probably because they didn’t win the World Series.

On May 11, 1915, the Detroit Tigers rattled a 20-year old Red Sox’ pitcher named Babe Ruth in a 5-1 win at Navin Field. The victory put the Tigs 4 1/2 games ahead of Boston and improved their record to a glossy 18-7, 3 1/2 games ahead of the next closest team in the American League. The Tigers were on their way to the best season in the history of the franchise to that point.



Ok, I’m a nerd.  Besides being married to baseball with hockey as my girlfriend, I like tennis a lot too, especially the women’s game.  No, not just because a lot of them are hot, I prefer longer points.

In any case, 20 year old Canadian Eugenie Bouchard is an excellent tennis player and she’s hot. After a recent victory at the Australian open, the male interviewer asked her to “twirl” to show the crowd her cute pink dress.  I’m sure that wasn’t the only thing the interviewer wanted to see but I digress.  Bouchard complied and found it amusing but that hasn’t stopped the feminazis from crying sexism.

Below is a clip of twirlgate from youtube.

Did I mention the Eugenie is hot?

You’re welcome!

43 more days…

until Spring Training.


Leafs Goalie Praises Nelson Mandella…

the great athlete.

Tigers Trade Freeway Ricky…

for Yoenis Cespedes.

I don’t like it. Cespedes had a .301 OBP.  And what is the rotation now?

Another horrible trade from DD, the Genius.

“Ninety feet between bases is perhaps as close as man can ever come to perfection.” -Red Smith

Check Out Aito Iguchi…

an 11 year old Japanese hockey player.

Dalton Prout Drops Milan Lucic

Does this look like a sucker punch to you?

Me neither.

Another Boston athlete crying because he starts a fight and gets beaten into a conniption.

Remember when Freeway Ricky, at 19, beat Youk into a conniption at Fenway Park?

“I love hockey till the day I die.”

Connor McDavid…

of the OHL’s Erie Otters is out 5-6 weeks with a broken pinky.  He suffered the injury in a fight with the Mississauga Steelheads’ Bryson Cianfron.

McDavid has been putting up Gretzky-esq number this season and was projected to be the first or second pick the the 2015 NHL draft. In 18 games he has recorded 16 goals and 35 assists for 51 points and a +34.

I was looking forward to going to Sarnia next week to see McDavid play against the Sting.  I guess I’ll have to wait.

FYI: Based on the video above, it looks like McDavid can handle himself as well.

World Series Thoughts…

After three games of the 2014 World Series the Kansas City Royals are two wins away from their second World Series crown in franchise history and first since 1985.

I know they are the Tigers’ Central Division rivals but I’m pulling for them.

I respect the Giants but they’ve won two of the last four World Series. It is time for new blood, new champions.

Watching these games I can’t help pondering the following:

  • Perhaps speed and defense trump power? Maybe “Money Ball” is good for regular seasons but the A’s haven’t won a World Series in the Billy Beane era.  Someone once said, ‘speed doesn’t go into a slump.
  • Sark was correct, James Shields doesn’t deserve the “Big Game” moniker. In my opinion, he’s the weak link in the Royals staff.
  • Maybe Ned Yost is good manager?
  • Miggy had bone chips removed from his ankle and a stress fracture repaired.  Basically, he was playing with a broken ankle.  I’m sorry I ever complained about him.
  • Does Joe Maddon’s free agency mean anything for the Tigers?
  • Maybe Earl Weaver’s philosophy was right, ‘pitching, defense and three-run homers.’  The Royals are using pitching and defense.  Actually, they’ve hit their share of homers this post season too.
  • The Royals don’t strike out too much.

Anyway, these are just my most recent musings.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural


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