Strange Play from 2016 World Junior Hockey Tournament

From The Hockey News:

The World Junior Championship produces a number of highlight-reel plays every tournament because of the best-on-best nature of the games, but Belarusian goaltender Ivan Kulbakov may have made the most notable play of the 2016 competition thanks to a bizarre decision Sunday.

Belarus was trailing Slovakia 3-2 late in Sunday’s game when Kulbakov was taken out of the net for an extra attacker. With 25 seconds remaining, however, Slovakia had managed to break out of their zone and head towards the empty Belarus net. It was then Kulbakov made the incredibly confusing decision to hop back onto the ice — creating a too many men penalty against Belarus — to charge at Slovakia’s Juraj Siska in an attempt to break up the empty net attempt.

Instead, Kulbakov fell awkwardly and appeared to injure his right leg while Siska skated around the downed netminder before putting the puck in the net:

Top Players By Uniform Number…


Note: I didn’t know WAR (Wins Against Replacement) was the new, single, stat that determines a players production?

3: Babe Ruth (183.7 WAR): Ruth first sported his No. 3 jersey — based on his spot in the batting order — in 1929 when the Yankees helped usher uniform numbers into the mainstream. He sported the No. 3 on his jersey over each of the next six seasons with the Yankees, before also keeping it with the Boston Braves for his final big league season in 1935.
Other notables: Jimmie Foxx (97.4), Alan Trammell (70.4), Frankie Frisch (70.4)

6: Stan Musial (128.1 WAR)
Other notables: Al Kaline (92.5), Sal Bando (61.4)

9: Ted Williams (123.2 WAR)