Dolphins Save British Swimmer

Ok, so this is not a baseball post.  But this is a pretty cool story.

A British swimmer, Adam Walker, was swimming off of the coast of New Zealand when he noticed a Great White Shark beneath him.

“He was previously told that there was no need to worry about sharks in Cook Strait.”

Hmmm, a very wise person once told me not to believe anything until it was “officially” denied, but I digress.

Suddenly, a pack of 10 dolphins surrounded him and protected him from the shark.

Check out the story from the International Business Times here.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural


This is a nice story about sportsmanship…

From MLB dot com:

Here’s sportsmanship, defined: At an NCAA softball game last weekend, Kara Oberer of Eckerd College knocked a three-run homer. But she couldn’t make it past first base, having suffered a knee injury earlier in the day. Pitcher Chelsea Oglevie of Florida Southern College, who had just given up the home run, and Leah Pemberton, the second baseman, carried Oberer all the way home:

Apparently, if someone on her own team had touched the base runner, she would have been out.  But there is no rule regarding members of the opposing team helping her around the bases.

“God I love baseball.”  Roy Hobbs | The Natural


Ok, so this post has nothing to do with baseball; or hockey; and I’m not catholic.

I recently went to Rome.  I visited the vatican and saw this pizza place called, “Habemus Pizza”.  I thought this was an appropriate and clever play on words.

When a new pope is selected an announcement is made, “Habemus Papam”, meaning, “we have a pope”.

Habemus Pizza
Habemus Pizza – We Have Pizza

“God I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural