Well, the Tigers got swept this afternoon by the lowly Angels.  Yep, the Angels don’t seem to beat anybody but the vaunted Tigers with their deadly offense and lights out pitching.

This afternoon, the Tigers got pitching, but the offense could score only one run in 10 innings.

I know, it is easy to blame Phil Coke, and the has been HORRIBLE, but 1 RUN IN 10 INNINGS!

The Tigers winning philosophy reminds me a lot of the average investor’s investing philosophy.  While the average investor buys, holds and prays, the Tigers pitch (starters), hold (bullpen) and pray (offense).

When are the Tigers going to win a 14-8 ballgame to bail out their pitching staff?  If this year and last year on any indicators, the answer is NEVER!

I’m sick and tired of this overpriced, under performing garbage that I’ve had to watch lately.

FYI: the Tiger’s 5th hitter is hitting .228.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “THEY’RE MAKIN’ ME MAD!

  1. I get the feeling this team has run out of steam. Other than a few players most are really struggling, especially in key situations. This includes the pitchers, but especially Fielder and Martinez.

    I think this road trip could be a killer if they don’t get it together.

    Not sure what Leyland was thinking when he put Coke in today. I just turned the game off at that point. In fact I may start to change my routine so I can avoid watching some of the upcoming games. This team is truly unwatchable at times.

  2. Sark,

    It looks like the same shit we saw last year. Last year was one in which the starting pitching, with almost no pickups from the rest of the team, got to the world series. And this year, the Tigers are worse with JV being so bad and no closer, Dotel gone. It doesn’t look good.

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