Tigers Win 4th In Row on Road

Courtesy of their 6-2 victory this evening over the Chicago White Sox, the Tigers have now won four in a row on the road and assured themselves of winning this four game series in Chicago, regardless of what Verlander does tomorrow.

Anibal Sanchez pitched 6 complete allowing six hits, 0 runs, walking 1 and striking out 5.  The offense was powered by a Prince Fielder 3 run shot, solo home runs by Jackson and Hunter, and would you believe it, an RBI single from Alex Avila

As Avila walked to the batter’s box for his third at bat, I was thinking of how bad he’s been struggling.  I haven’t researched the numbers but he seems to get caught looking an awful lot.  And when he does, he walks away with a blank look that seems to be saying, ‘I don’t have a clue’.  Fortunately, he singled and drove in the 6th run.

The last few games I’ve been impressed with Hernan Perez.  He had two more hits tonight and was robbed of a third on a great play by White Sox third baseman Conor Gillaspie.  If he keeps this up, the Tigers might have a hard time sending him down when Infante gets back and keeping Santiago on the bench.

I was also impressed with Bruce Rondon.  Even though he gave up a run on two hits I thought he showed some composure.  The single that drove in the run was a bloop hit off the end of the bat.  Instead of getting flustered, Rondon got the next batter to ground into an inning ending double play.

Benoit was brought in, again, tonight to get the final two outs in a non-save situation.  I didn’t get it yesterday.  I still don’t get it today.  Is he the closer or not?  As Sark commented yesterday, he probably won’t be available should he be needed tomorrow.

On a different note, the White Sox look horrible.  They look a lot worse than they did a few weeks ago when they took 2 out of 3 at Comerica Park.  I’m wondering if they have quit on Robin Ventura.  Let’s hope we see more of the same tomorrow.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Tigers Win 4th In Row on Road

  1. I hate to bitch after a good win! But he did it again tonight, and after reading about the victory in the News this morning I saw this post in the comments section:

    “Mumbles will announce tomorrow for all to hear, including the opposing manager: Smyly and Benoit are not available today because I had to use both of them with 4 & 5 run leads. Is there a reporter who will ask Leyland why he continues to use these two; particularly Smyly, in semi-blow out games? This could very well hurt our chances at a win tomorrow. No reason to use Smyly today, and really, no reason to use Benoit yesterday. How Leyland uses the bullpen is as much of a problem as those pitchers in the bullpen.”

    I couldn’t have said it any better. Hopefully JV can pitch a complete game against this crap team…

    • “How Leyland uses the bullpen is as much of a problem as those pitchers in the bullpen.” – EXACTLY!!!!!! I’m willing to give him that he may not have some of the tools he’d like out of the pen. But using a hammer when a screwdriver is called for is rarely a good idea.

  2. Sark saw that one too with you both 100% so ok Coke for lefties only and if you don’t get the lefty they NEED AA to take his meds, Downs or Villarreal or that other guy who will show up Aug 1st to pitch ’cause ” How Leyland uses the bullpen is as much of a problem as using a hammer when a screwdriver is called for” Amen

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