Tigers Problems…

Nebraskaknows pointed out a Lynn Henning article at DetNews dot com that I think is worth a read.  Henning takes a look at issues the Tigers are facing and possible solutions.

First-place Tigers still facing problems down the stretch: You can read the article in full here.

In the space below I use the problem Henning points out and add my two cents.

Problem: Miguel Cabrera can’t run.

FlashinLeather Solution: It’s hard for me to believe that sitting won’t allow Miggy to heal faster.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not, how could anybody, complain about his production. I’m just afraid that if they don’t let him heal now, he’ll end up battered like Alex Avila was in the 2011 playoffs.  I think a trip to the 15 day DL would be a good idea.

Problem: Left-field offense is killing the Tigers.

Flashin Leather Solution: I don’t think Castellanos is the answer.  Bring him up on 8/31, similar to what the Tigers did with Avisail Garcia last year, and see what he can do, but don’t hold your breath.  Castellanos his only hitting in the .270s in Toledo.  I’m not sure why he would be expected to hit better, or even the same, in the big leagues.

This is going to shock to readers of this blog but I have not given up on Dirks just yet.  He had some good at bats a few night ago and might be ready to break out of his slump.  That being said, I’m still not convinced that his fielding is what everybody else says it is.  I’ve watched almost every game this year, home games in person, and I think he’s closer to Albert Belle than he is Gary Pettis.

Bring Castellanos up and see what he can do but I’m betting Dirksy will be there in the end.

Problem: Alex Avila’s absence hurts the Tigers in multiple ways.

Flashin Leather Solution: I agree with Henning, all the Tigers can do is hope A Squared Money is healthy enough to return soon.

Problem: Phil Coke and Al Alburquerque are coin-flips in late-game situations.

Flashin Leather Solution: I agree with Henning.  The Amazing Al needs to be on the next bus down to Toledo and send Evan Reed back up.  I thought Reed pitched pretty well for the Tigers.  He just needs to learn how to throw to first base.

I think Phil Coke is going to be ok.  The last few hits he’s given up, while important, were flares over a drawn in infield.

Problem: Prince Fielder has one home run in his last 28 games.

Flashin Leather Solution: I think personal problems, read here, can have a devastating and lingering effect on a player in all facets of the game and his life.  I think Prince has hit the ball fairly well, but I would not be surprised if his struggles continue through the end of the season.  That being said, he has driven in 81 runs so far and is on pace for 110.  There is no solution.  They have to ride Prince and take what he can give them.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

5 thoughts on “Tigers Problems…

  1. Well Adam Done…….just cleared wavers. That said Fielder is what it is 81 runs. Lots of other folks wish they had 81 RBI’S.. teams not the salary. I don’t know change the batting order? Wish I knew. Castellanos who knows? Only one way to find out. I really wish I could get in their head about Amazing A in my world he gets a couple more chances here than makes it or goes the way of Villarreal….ya can’t fix everything. Right now I don’t know which scares me more Amazing or Coke…..I think I might take a healthy Dotel instead. Explain to me why we can’t use Kelly as our left handed bat in left field?

  2. Most Excellent Master Nebraska: I will try to address your points.
    1) “Right now I don’t know which scares me more Amazing or Coke” – The Amazing Al is doing his best to make himself disappear. He can’t throw strikes. Full disclosure, you know I like Phil Coke, That being said, I have no problem calling a spade a spade. I think Coke is going to be alright. The last few hits he gave up were outs if the infield wasn’t playing back.
    2) You are absolutely correct about Castellanos. We can speculate all we want but until you bring him up all we are doing is talking. Bring him up! Can he be worse than what we have? (I don’t buy the Andy Dirks is a great fielder line either.)
    3)I like Adam Dunn but I don’t want him. He strikes out too much and hits for too low of an average. He can’t run either.
    4)”why we can’t use Kelly as our left handed bat in left field?” – Perhaps you are forgetting about Dirksburger Syndrome?

  3. Miggy – needs to be in the lineup. I believe he will be ok and the injury sustained on the slide the other day is unrelated to the abdominal strain. His bat is too valuable right now, and others have slumped again – AJ, Hunter, Prince, Left Fielder, etc… He could use a couple of days off from playing the field – see Prince comments below.

    Left Field – no solution and will have to ride it out the rest of the year. Probably need to drop a few spots in the order or give DK more playing time there.

    Al Al – should be cut in favor of Reed or Ortega, or even Putkonen. Anyone that can throw strikes. My guess is it will be Dotel when he is ready.

    Coke – lefties only and he might be serviceable.

    Fielder – needs to sit a few games for a mental break from the game. Divorce is weighing him down, thus reducing his production on the field. Too bad, because he makes way too much money to be distracted by anything. Sitting him would also be a benefit to Miggy, who could use a few games as the DH while VMart plays 1B. He provides no real protection for Miggy, because you can see pitchers are not giving Miggy anything to hit – even though he is hitting some balls that are off the plate. Though Prince does have 81 rbi’s, I think I read somewhere recently that said he has had the most runners on base when he bats. So while he might be driving in some, he is not very efficient, and leaves a ton on base. But you’re right, we’ll probably have to ride it out all season with him. The smarter managers are going to expose us though.

    AA – the pitchers clearly are in more of a comfort zone with Avila calling the game.

  4. Sark…..you are right about not protecting Miggy…..so juggle the lineup card? Or is that to tough?

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