A’s Dust Tigers – The Misery Continues

tonight’s game marked the first time in 56 games that the Tigers have had three consecutive starts of less than 6 innings.  It’s was a good run but now it’s just plain ugly!

It was Doug Fister’s turn to take a dump tonight.  He lasted only 5 innings and looked like he was throwing batting practice to the A’s.

If Fister was bad, the pen was worse.  It didn’t matter who Leyland threw out there, they got shelled.  Check out these lines:

Fister, 5 innings, 13 hits, 7 earned, 0 walks, 2 strike outs.

Alvarez, 2 and 1/3 innings, 5 hits, 5 earned, 0 walks, 1 strike out.  Alvarez is trying to get Phil Coke called up.  He’s been brutal since his call up.

Smyly, didn’t get anybody out.  He pitched 0 innings, 2 hits, 2 earned, 0 Walks.

Finally, Bonderman came on pitched an inning and 2/3, allowed 1 hit, no runs, and struck out 2.

Bonderman and Avila are my players of the game.  Bonderman was the only pitcher that could get anybody out and Alex Avila went 2 for 4 with 2 RBIs.  As I go to sleep tonight he has his batting average at .201, just over the Mendoza line.

Don’t look now but at the start of play tonight the Tigers lead over the Tribe was only 3 games.  And the Indians and Braves are tied at 2.  What this means is that all of the equity the Tigers gained from their 12 game win streak has been wiped out.  The Indians will come in town this weekend with a chance to tie the Tigers for the division lead.

Is this 2009?

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “A’s Dust Tigers – The Misery Continues

  1. I turned this one off after watching Miggy and Prince strikeout on six pitches in the 5th inning, displaying two of the worst at-bats I’ve seen all year.mi would assume by that time there was a total lack of interest, as the game was pretty much out of hand.

    Fister was up in the zone, but for the most part got nickel and dimed by a more determined team. As good a season as the Tigers have had so far, one thing is pretty apparent by now. They don’t stack up too well against the current playoff bound teams… Oakland, Baltimore, Tampa, And Texas. So far we’ve beaten Boston, but next week we have three at Fenway, so that could even out.

    Some observations on a few players that have put in a little time with the team.

    Iggy needs to get better command of the strike zone. Swings at way too many bad pitches.

    Alvarez had a great spot start for Sanchez in his debut, but since then has been a complete dud. Not sure why they kept going to that well when it was clearly dry after his second start.

    Rondon still doesn’t have great command of his fastball. They should start to taper him off a little with less late game responsibility.

    Veras has been very inconsistent, but little options exist. So he will continue to be an adventure when brought in to the tight games.

    Bonderman shows flashes… No different than before all his injuries.

    So with all that said there doesn’t appear to be many options in this bullpen. The starters need to step up and go deeper into the games. Scherzer could show a lot tomorrow with a shut down game, thus solidifying his hold on the CY award.

    Had to laugh at the 2:00 show with Terry Foster on 97.1 today.. He posed a question to the audience on whether JV should be sent to Toledo to work on his mechanics. Wanted to call in to state what a moron he was… Toledo season shuts down this weekend Duh!

    • Sark, Foster is an idiot, but not a bigger dummy than Pat Caputo. He should get the dummy of the decade award. He has my vote.

      Here’s what the season has boiled down to, starting pitching. Any surprises?

      The only formula I see for the Tigers winning is Earl Weaver’s, pitching, defense and three run homers. I would just preface pitching with starting. Like last year, the starters have to carry us, if we get to the playoffs, we have to hope that the top of the lineup produces. Anything the Tigers get from the pen or bottom of the lineup will be gravy. But if the starters and top 5 don’t get it done, the drought will go to 30 years.

      If Max has another great outing, he is the ACE of the staff, officially. Aces stop the bleeding.

      Right now, I would have JV slated for the pen IF they make the post season.

  2. There is a hangover in my future………….the ice cubes don’t stand a chance! If you can’t pitch, you can’t win! All you need to know tonight!

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