September preview

The author of this blog is only 14 years old.

MLB Fill-in

I’m Danny Blomster and this will be a little fill-in to get you ready for the month of September in MLB baseball.

First off, the awards such as the Most Valuable Player and Cy Young Award are coming up soon. There is a lot of controversy over it too. Going back to the beginning of the season, my Cy Young predictions were Clayton Kershaw and Anibal Sanchez. They both have the best ERAs in their league. I don’t like to self compliment myself too much, but predicting is one of my strengths. Anyways, Clayton Kershaw has a 1.72 ERA. In 2012, Kershaw had the best ERA in baseball and it was 2.53. The year before he also had the lowest ERA at 2.28. He is by far the best pitcher of the 2010s so far. Yet the ERA under 2 is the most outstanding feat. That hasn’t been done since…

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