Tigers Dust Royals

Overshadowing the big news today, that the Tigers fired Charlie Marcuse, the Singing Hot Dog Vendor, the Tigers did the thrashing tonight as the they took out some frustration on the Royals’ pitching staff.  What makes this game impressive is that the Tigers put a beating on the the Royals’ ace, Big Game James Shields, who shut the Tigers out the last time he faced them at Comerica Park.

Andy Dirks had a nice night in front of his friends and family.  However, in the 3rd inning, with the bases loaded, nobody out, and the Tigers up 5-1, Dirksy got himself picked off of 3rd base.  When we look back at this game, this bone headed play isn’t that big of a deal, but it could have been and could be if it happens in the future.  In fact, after Dirks got picked off, the Tigers went out quietly and didn’t tack on any runs that inning.  It kind of felt like the momentum was changing.  Luckily, Emilio Bonifacio led off the the bottom of the third with a single and returned the favor by getting himself picked off of first.

The Tigers were able to pound their way around this miscue, today, but it was still a horrible play that could have been devastating in a different situation.

How in the sam hell do you get picked off of third with nobody out?  Are you just not paying attention?  Where are you going?  And further, what was The Windmill doing?

I don’t want to rain on Dirksy’s parade, but if I were Jim Leyland, he would have been yanked after that bout of cerebral cramping.

Anyway, I’ve been sick all week so I’m going to bed with the Tigers winning 15-1 in the top of the 8th.  Like my good friend Nebraska says, “if they blow it, I don’t want to be around to see it”.

Till tomorrow.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Tigers Dust Royals

  1. Sorry I didn’t get to see this one, but I will be curious to see how many they score for JV tomorrow night. This is usually how the Tigers offense operates, averaging 6 runs per game… 16 tonight, get shutout tomorrow, and get 2 on Sunday. Presto 6 runs per game… Anyway good to see them pound ‘Big Game’. Not sure where he got that name, but what big game has he ever won?

    • Hi Sark,

      I hope you’re wrong about the Tigers. I hope they follow the Red Sox lead. After the Sox put 20 on the Tigers they put 9 and 12 on the Yankees the last two games.

      I’m not sure where Big Game came from. Perhaps Rod Allen made it up?

  2. Crippy…..very good point about the Windmill! In Dirks defense with the bases loaded I THINK the runners attention is in front of him …..don’t remember ever seeing that pick off b4 however I believe that’s just like the first base coach yelling back on a throw over. Everyone except KC was asleep on that one however very good point. Windmill should have seen that and yelled. Other than that in the 1st we made a play at the plate to stop a run and then had a stolen base come back to bite us…and we all have been searching for that answer. These guys run and we shall learn more about this in the next two games I suspect.

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