Tigers 6 Royals 3

On a cold autumn night in Detroit the Tigers got Just enough.  They got just enough starting pitching.  Just enough offense.  Just enough relief pitching.

JV turned in a typical 2013 JV outing.  He went 6 and 2/3.  He allowed 9 hits, 3 earned runs and struck out 7 while throwing 111 pitches.

The inning that bothered me was the top of the 6th.  After the Tigers scored 3 runs to extend the lead to 6-1 in the bottom of the 5th, JV gave two back in the top half of the 6th.  I know it was a 5 run lead but the old JV made a habit of putting up zeroes after his team got him some runs.  That being said, It was a quality start and the Tigers will take it.

After continuing to make Bruce Chen look like Cliff Lee for 3 more innings, the Tigers finally got 2 in the 4th and 3 in the 5th to take a 6-1 lead.  Torii Hunter and Prince fielder each drove in 3 runs and provided the bulk of the Tigers offensive output tonight.  Prince increased his RBI total to 102.

Jose Veras is scaring me.  He pitched 1/3 of an inning.  Walked 1 and hit another batter.  Veras threw 11 total pitches and only 3 of them were strikes.  The Tigers can’t have guys coming out of the bullpen that can’t find the strike zone.  He’s officially on the list.

Billy Butler continues to own JV with 2 more hits against him tonight.  Verlander has to find a way to get him out or just start walking him.  This is getting ridiculous now.

Fister and Santana face off tomorrow.  Let’s hope the Tigers don’t continue the trend of winning the first game of a three game set then dropping the final two.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “Tigers 6 Royals 3

  1. Strangely, by the end of this game it felt like a loss. The Royals basically own the Tigers and just lacked one big hit from making a game of this.

    On the positive side, the Tigers hitters showed a little pride and decided it would be pretty pathetic to lose to Chen twice in 5 days. Shame on them for getting beat Sunday, but no way it would happen again. At least AJ and Prince showed up tonight.

    On the negative side, the last four innings was some of the worst at-bats of the year. These weren’t the Royals best relievers either, yet our hitters were just flailing away at crap that was out of the strike zone. They looked absolutely awful, the whole bunch of them. Now I would be surprised if the Tigers hit the rest of this series.

    JV was just ok. Good enough to win, but made enough mistakes to lose. For some reason he is not adjusting to Butler and Perez. They’re the only two hitters that consistently hurt him.

    Another positive was limiting the base stealing. At least KC will have a seed of doubt the rest of the series.

    We’re going to need shutdown pitching the next two games, because after watching those terrible at-bats we may not score much.

    • Sark, you’re correct about the horrible at bats. They looked terrible, like they were giving at bats away. Again, I want to go on record that something is not right with Cabrera and I’m not sure it is his injury.

  2. I think he’s been messed up since he mistakenly tried to stretch that single into a double a few weeks ago. Hasn’t been able to hit anything hard since. Not sure what he injured, but it looks like this is what he might be the rest of the season. Not good!

  3. OK here it is real simple. After watching the Tigers win a one run game against a Whit Sox team who is last in every metric that matters…(however we must tip our cap cause fill in the blank) And then watching the Tigers go from a 5 run lead to bringing in their closer for a 4 out save…..where do you think this team will be in mid October? Please feel free to factor in the new left fielder who has been off for 50 games and has never played outfield in his career. DO NOT OVER THINK IT!

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