Tigers 4 Twins 2

Whew!  Fister and the pen got it done reducing the Tigers’ magic number to 1.

The Tigers always seem to make it interesting.

Despite scoring 4 runs the offense was pathetic again.  They scored all their runs in the 4th inning but missed several chances to blow this game wide open and take some pressure off the pitching staff.  The biggest blown opportunity was in the second inning when the Tigers loaded the bases with nobody out and couldn’t push across a single run.

Cabrera left 4 runners on base and took an 0-4.  Fielder was 1-4 and left 3 on base.  Matt Tuiasosopo and Alex Avila each took ohfers and stranded 3 runners a piece.  The bright spot on offense was Austin Jackson.  AJax has been struggling but went 3-5 and drove in the winning runs with a two run big-bingo to put the Tigers up 4-1.

Fister was good, the bullpen was better.  Fistet pitched 6.1, allowed 8 hits, one run, struck out 7 and walked one.

Smyly and The Amazing Al got the final two outs in the 7th stranding Twins at first and second.

Conspicuously, Bruce Rondon was called upon to pitch the 8th and was very impressive striking out the side.  Hmmm does anybody else find it interesting that Veras was brought in to pitch the 8th?  Maybe the Puppet Master isn’t getting the warm and fuzzies from Veras either.

The Tigers are getting nothing offensively from left field.  If they can clinch tomorrow perhaps they should start Jhonny Peralta all three game is left in Miami and see what they’ve got.  Offensively, it is hard to imagine doing any worse than the platoon of Dirks, Tui, and DK.  (Hat Tip Rossie for this suggestion).

I’ll say this one more time, WTF is up with this offense?

Scherzer goes for number 21 and the division tomorrow.

Get it done!

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

7 thoughts on “Tigers 4 Twins 2

  1. “WTF is with this offense?” Well it is a guy named JM Cabrera. Couple of things he is the best situational hitter and most feared hitter in the game….WHEN HEALTHY which we ( and everyone else) all can see he is not and will not be for some time so when you play eight guys against nine well the numbers don’t work. So if you want extra playoff tickets………well better go to Cleveland could be more interesting than three and out. Isn’t that football?

    • Nebraska, why can’t someone else come through and pick up JMC? What are we paying Fielder for? I guess I didn’t realize how much the Tigers would miss Peralta’s bat.

      Clinch tonight and start JP in left for the rest of the season. THE TIGERS ARE GETTING NOTHING FROM LEFT FIELD.

  2. The only thing that might help the Tigers out is the 4 days off before game 1. With the hope it will cool off the A’s a little. The 4 days shouldn’t affect the Tigers as much, since they can’t get any colder!!!

    I don’t expect to get anything out of Peralta, and quite honestly it reeks of desperation that they’re even considering bringing him back. Not because he used PEDs, but because he lied to everyone that he didn’t. It will be quite an adventure with him in LF…

    • Sark, I don’t expect much from him either. After a 50 game layoff I’d say it would take month to get his timing back. That being said, what are they losing? Dirks and Tui are giving the Tigers nothing and I don’t think their fielding is anything that would be missed. At least with Peralta, we don’t know he can’t do it yet although we suspect.

  3. ALERT……..ALERT The headline in the Detroit News reads “Perelta ‘a natural’ as outfielder” Here we go folks!!!!!!!!!

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