Marlins 1 Tigers 0

This was a fitting end to a frustrating offensive season. In game 162 the Tigers were no-hit by Marlins’ pitcher Henderson Alvarez.

Justin Velander looked very good today.  He pitched 6 complete, striking out 10, walking 1, allowing 3 hits and no runs.

Fister and Porcello pitched 1 solid inning each in relief.

The good news is that the Tigers pitching looks ready for a long post season run.  The bad news, I sound like a broken record, is the offense.

With today’s 0 run output, the Tigers have scored 3 runs in three games against the Marlins and 11 runs in six games on the final road trip.  11 runs in 6 games, less than 2 runs per game.  That’s not going to get it done.

Congratulations to Henderson Alvarez.

Let’s hope the Tigers can find some offense in the post season.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

6 thoughts on “Marlins 1 Tigers 0

  1. If this wasn’t some karma laced sign of the Apocalypse……….well I just don’t know. There I said it out loud so now we can all go to sleep.

  2. You could see this coming from around the 4th inning, considering the only regulars in the lineup were Peralta and Iglesias. Two guys that haven’t played much until recently. But yes, this was the perfect end to a dismal offensive season, regardless what the numbers say. I was actually rooting for the guy, and it was hilarious when he jumped up after striking out Tui. He thought he had won the game 1-0. He didn’t even realize his team still had to bat. We should give a special thanks to Putkonen for giving up the run and sparing us from having to watch any more of that offense.

    In the end it doesn’t even matter because there are four days off. Unlike past years where the Tigers have had to wait a week to start the series, this layoff will probably hurt the A’s more. They are playing better ball and this break will cool their hitters, not to mention the strong Tigers pitching. And let’s face it, our offense can’t get any worse than it is. I expect a few days off will be a short-term benefit to Miggy and he is likely to have a strong game 1.

    Any thoughts on who is starting game 1? My feeling is it will be JV, then Max. Because of the schedule either could pitch game 5.

    Also, any predictions on the roster? I think this way:
    Pitching – 4 starters + Porcello, Smyly, Benoit, Rondon, AA, Veras, Luke.
    Players – AJax, Torri, Miggy, Prince, VMart, Peralta. Omar, AA, Iggy, Pena, Ramon, Dirks, DK, Perez.
    Out – Tui, Holiday, NickC, Worth

    My reason for Tui being left off is because the A’s are pretty right-hand pitching dominant, and Peralta. Plus Tui hasn’t had a meaningful hit in forever.

    Let’s hope for a long run…..

    • Sark, I was pulling for the no-no as well! Why not? the game didn’t mean anything to the Tigers.

      I think JV gets the ball in game 1. I think Max deserves it but JV will get it.

      Also, I agree with your lineup. Tui won’t be on the roster. Dirks will be on no matter what. The only thing is, I’m not sure about Rondon. I think he might be left off the roster hoping the that the Tigers will make it past the A’s and it gives him extra time to heel. From what I heard, if they put in on the Roster now, then take him off after the first round, he wouldn’t be eligible for the series should they make it.

  3. Agree that Rondon is iffy. That would likely pit Downs or Alvarez in. If it were me I would go with only ten pitchers. The 11th guy is dead wood.

    Forgot to mention a huge assist on the no hitter today should be given to the home plate ump.. I thought several pitches to lefties were six inches off the plate. He must have had an early flight to catch, or he wanted to watch football….

  4. I vote Max/JV/Sanchie/Fister………you can flip your top two for game 5. Also don’t be surprised if you see Fister pitch out of the pen in game one as side work.

    • OK, I don’t know if I”m looking at this objectively or not, but I’m beginning to drink the JV Kool Aide again. The last piece to the puzzle for him is economy of pitches. But I agree, I want my best pitcher with two starts, so it’s Max.

      I’m very excited for the playoffs especially tonight’s game!

      God I love baseball! 🙂

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