Cards win game 3 on an obstruction call 5-4.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m pulling for the Cards.  But, I don’t like to see any team lose on a bad call even when they are playing the Tigers.

That being said, I thought the obstruction call was correct.  It looked like Will Middlebrooks lifted his legs to trip Allen Craig.

Here’s the video, decide for yourself.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “Interference

  1. Actually the way the rule reads, it doesn’t matter if Middlebrooks did anything with intent or not. The simple fact is he was in the way, and it caused the runner to be slow getting to home plate, thus the home plate umpire ruled he would have been safe without being obstructed. The correct call was made. Rather simple call only complicated by the situation, and the whining team it happened against.

    Of course now MLB will take a look at revising the rule because it happened against Boston, and that simply ‘isn’t fair’. Screw Boston!

    But unfortunately as I write this the Cards are hitting as poorly as the Tigers did, leaving too many runners. Had the Cards in 5, but it appears to be going back to Boston.

    Is anyone besides me really tired of the whole beard thing?

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