Tigers Trade Fister for Three Humpty Dumpties

What kind of a trade is this?  We give you a solid 3rd or 4th starter and you give us 3 guys you don’t want.

The Tigers traded Doug Fister to the Washington Nationals for Steve Lombardozzi, Ian Krol, and Robbie Ray.

Lombardozzi is a light hitting, platoon, player who can play second base and left field.  He’s not playing second base so what is the plan, have him platoon in left with Dirksy?

Ian Krol is a left handed pitcher that former Nationals manager, Davey Johnson, stopped using late in the season because he had a 5.74 ERA after June.

Robbie Ray is another left handed pitcher but he’s 22 and pitched in A and AA last year.

This doesn’t look like a trade that a contending team makes, but what do I know.

At least one scout quoted in an article at MLB dot com, agrees with me however.

Like I’ve said before, my track record on trades hasn’t been that great but I really hate this deal.  The Tigers give up Fister for what Ernie Harwell would call three Humpty Dumpties.

FYI:  This post had to be posted under WTF.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “Tigers Trade Fister for Three Humpty Dumpties

  1. Never like to lose a quality arm like Fister, but the reality is someone had to go if the plan is to put Smyly in the rotation. In my opinion Fister was worth more than the 3 boxes of doughnuts we got in return. The more likely guy to move, in my opinion, was Sanchez. Could have brought us a starting position player AND a bonifide relief pitcher… Signing Nathan is of little consequence. Most important bullpen guys are those that come in and get out of the first and third, no out jams. We still lack those guys (maybe Rondon), AND a bonifide major league LF. Stay tuned….

  2. Stay tuned is 100% right Sark spot on. The one thing about Fister I don’t know is this…….I had someone put forth the proposition that Fister should be compared to Edwin Jackson. The Tigers saw something that told them they had got the cream and RP has more upside. I think Tyler Clippard shoda bee in this deal we can debate this when we are playing the Nat’s in the fall….like Crippy what do I know?

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