End nearing for Ichiro?

It looks like it.  According to this report, Ichiro is the Yankees’ 5th outfielder.

The time comes for all of them, no matter their former greatness. And so it has come for Ichiro Suzuki.

No longer a slap-hitting machine at 40, Ichiro has an uncertain role on the New York Yankees roster. Actually, maybe it is quite certain, just not very vital. As the New York Post’s Joel Sherman writes:

“[The Yankees] have a four-man outfield/DH rotation with Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner and Alfonso Soriano. That makes Ichiro the majors’ most-famous fifth outfielder.”

Should he stick with the Yankees, Sherman estimates he’ll start weekly, be inserted for late-inning defense, pinch hit and pinch run. At the end of the year, he might total 200 plate appearances.

Hat Tip: Nebraska

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “End nearing for Ichiro?

  1. Just ’cause it’s near don’t mean its here…..Dirks out for 3 months=1\2 a season. Remember what we saw with Rondon the “closer” (I meant Valverde) there WILL be another body…….question is when/who!

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