I don’t like it!

The Miguel Cabrera contract, that is.  By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard that the Tigers and Cabrera have agreed to a 10 year $292 million contract extension.

That being said, Cabrera is the best hitter in baseball and one of the best hitters I’ve ever seen.  But 10 years for a guy that is already 30 years old?  I think it will work out fine for four or five years but will then hang upon the neck of the Tigers organizations like a South African necklace.

Oh well, it is not my money.  All I want is a World Series.  It has been 30 years.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “I don’t like it!

  1. Chris, I would agree with you on the ridiculous length of the contract, but I have to disagree with the notion that it isn’t our money. The only money Ilitch has put into this franchise is the money he used (borrowed) to purchase the team. The day-to-day operations are paid by those of us that attend the games and watch them on TV. The advertising dollars that cover the TV revenues for FSD and the national networks is ultimately paid by those of us that purchase those products. I would expect the contingency fees at 1-800-SAM will be going up in the next few years, as well as those new tires from Belle.

    With that said, professional sports in general is headed for a bubble, similar to that of real estate from a few years ago. The bubble will burst when WE the consumer decide WE have had enough. The first sport to go should be the NBA.

    Long lost are the days of Kaline, who turned down a raise because he didn’t feel he did enough to deserve it. With the rapidly increasing cost of pro sports I am losing my loyalty to any single player anymore, and if Miggy had walked after two years I could have cared less. Just as Max will do at the end of this year, if they don’t trade him at the deadline – which I fully expect them to do.

    • Good points Sark. And actually, I’m really beginning to rethink my season tickets status. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but the Tigers are implementing “increase security measures”. Read, security theater, to get Americans used to paying for being treated like a criminal. I guess everyone is a suspect because they want to a baseball game. Well, the decision isn’t completely mine, but I will be voting to give up the tickets. Anyway, I’ve found the best form of “protest” is to take your money elsewhere.

  2. Well as for the length of the contract l yea how you end up….probably not for us to know. I owned a business and had my revenue stream structured as I saw fit. I put the money and mind in took the risk and loss/reward. However that said yes everyone has the right to vote with there wallet. Before and after experience depending on which pizza guy owned the team so yea charge what the market will bear. As far as the security I have a buddy that’s an A’s ticket holder they have had CHP driving thru the parking lots and this type of security in place for a while. It’s the world we live in. It’s like running from the casino to the plane in Vegas 30 minutes B4 takeoff those days are gone and I for one think that’s fine. I showed up in time to watch Tigers BP. They checked my bag, wanded me down and I went in no big deal. All that aside starting with a win is better than where I thought that game was going. It’s only one game but they fought back to win it and while a VERY small sample I liked Nathan. My $.02

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