Indians 5 Tigers 4

Well,  I guess the Tigers can’t win them all and truthfully, last night, the Tigers didn’t pitch well enough to win.  I know they only gave up five runs but that was mostly due to the Indian’s inept hitting. (Sound eerily familiar?)

Between a combined six base on balls, five by starter Drew Smyly, and 14 Indians hits there was traffic on the base paths all night and it seemed like the Tigers were pitching out of trouble all night.

When J.D. Martinez hit the game tying shot in the bottom of the ninth, visions of 1984 raced through my brain.  However, when Rod Allen said, in the bottom of the 10th, that The Amazing Al couldn’t let Michael Brantley beat them, I knew it was over.  And it was.

Let’s hope for a good outing from JV tonight.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural


4 thoughts on “Indians 5 Tigers 4

  1. I think your first paragraph is a pretty good game summary. I have been following the folks & couple of points. The pen IS coming together as long as the starter goes 7 or + however if they have back to back days when they get stretched they are one arm short and with Hanrahan/Putkonen going backwards the Coke experiment will continue they are just one arm short. Second Romine is here for his glove and last night it was on display however so was his bat. Now that’s fine when we are winning but when we go in a little slump or get to the post season we are just going to need more. I still believe Drew or some mystery infielder will wear the “D” before the year is over. That said I like what I see as we hit 40 games and the short comings can be addressed. I can see a very strong team into the second half and beyond!

    • I totally agree, especially about Romine. The only reason I haven’t been screaming about him is because mostly everybody else is hitting so he’s really the only automatic out. Even A Squared Money gets an occassional hit.

  2. Played like a team with very little sleep the night before. Had a conversation with one of the wives today and she said as much… With that said, the one guy that did get enough sleep was Smyly and he was just plain awful… 2 walks to raburn?? The Indians blow and I fully expect the chip to get placed firmly back on shoulder tonight.. Last night the chip wasn’t so much knocked off, it fell off… The problem with the pen last night was too many short outings by starters have caused multiple days work for most, except Coke. Combine with being short because they kept Ray and sent down Miller.. JV needs a strong outing today to get the pen back into balance.

  3. Well guess I don’t know to much according to @Ken_Rosenthal Drew signed with the Red Sox HUMMMM?

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