Don’t look now…

but the Tigers have lost four in a row and that vaunted pitching staff is getting beaten into a conniption by teams that were struggling offensively.  What is it with Tigers pitching that allows struggling offensive teams to get healthy?  Remember the San Diego series in April?

Here’s another astute observation, the Tigers don’t have a shortstop.

The only highlight of this afternoons 9-2 loss to the Rangers was that Danny Worth may have found a way to stay in the big leagues.  He can throw a knuckle ball and pitched a scoreless ninth inning and struck out two.

There’s not much more to say.  The Rangers took the Tigers out behind the woodshed.

Let’s hope the losing streak stops at four.


“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “Don’t look now…

  1. Pitchers have forgotten how to throw strike one. And worse yet, they have lost the put-away pitch with two strikes. I’m sure they will get it straightened out. With the pitching matchup today I didn’t expect a win, but the rest of this series we should win. Ray is back at Toledo where he belongs and I see they brought up the Knebel kid. Let’s see if he can do better.

    • I wasn’t expecting much today either but I thought the infield play has horrible. Kinsler, Castellanos, Romine, Miggy, they pretty much blew.

      And WTF was Worth doing during Wednesday’s game? Like you said, although he wasn’t charged with an error he caused at LEAST 2 runs.

  2. I agree SS is an anchor on this boat I don’t know how to raise it. That and an arm for long relief……….and I want to see the pictures Phil Coke holds on to his job with. It’s a new day!

  3. This team, much like last year is going as far as the staring pitchers take it. When they pitch well, as they are supposed to, we win. When they pitch like the crap they have been serving up lately, we lose. We seem to lose focus against the shit teams, like SD, Min, Clev. Tough stretch of games coming up, so the starters need to get it together soon.

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