Verlander, Tigers Get Smoked in Windy City

Make it three losses in a row.  The Tigers went down to the Whites Sox last night 8-2.

JV was horrible.  I listened to the game on my iPad.  All I kept  hearing about was even though his line didn’t look good, JV had good “stuff”.  Guess what.  They can take all that good “stuff”, roll it into a huge ball, and shove it up their arse.  I don’t care what kind of “stuff” anybody has.  Baseball teams need pitchers that can get people out.  Right now, few on the Tigers pitching staff can do that effectively and their record shows it.

How’s that Doug Fister trade look now?  Lombardozzi, isn’t even on the team.  Robbie Ray is in the minors and didn’t look great when he up in the show.  And Ian Krol hasn’t exactly been lights out.  I know his ERA looks good but he comes into games where he is supposed to strand runners.  Guess how many he stranded yesterday? ZERO!  He couldn’t get  Brandon “I Money” Inge out  and he’s retired.

I know.  I know.  The Tigers needed another left hander out of the bullpen.  But the caveat to that is that they needed a left hander that can get people out.  If all they need is a left hander then sign me up.  I can come in, throw left handed, and not get anybody out too.  And I’ll do it for the league minimum or less.

By the way, Fister is 5-1 with a 2.68 ERA for the Nationals this year.

The only bright spot from yesterday is Nick Castellanos, whose glove I’ve criticized plenty, flashed some leather last night and seemed like he saved the game in the fifth inning.  Unfortunately, the White Sox came to bat in the sixth.

Basically, the Tigers suck and I’m losing hope that they are going to turn it around.


“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “Verlander, Tigers Get Smoked in Windy City

  1. I’m amazed at how quickly this team has collapsed. I never expected this to be a world series team, but they were clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the crap in this division. Now they’re the same crap as the others. I’ve come to realize Ausmus isn’t the guy for this team, just as much as Leyland wasn’t anymore. His call to have Suarez bunt yesterday was bush league, given how poorly Davis has been swinging the bat lately. And he better learn quickly that it is his decision to pull a pitcher, not the pitchers decision. JV clearly was not going to get out of that inning last night and the proper move was to pull him. That doesn’t mean that move would work, but it was still the correct move. In fact every move he seems to make now is backfiring. He’ll quickly lose the team if he keeps playing it the way he has. Btw Chris you are right. If JV’s stuff was so good, then why did he walk 4 guys, the #9 hitter twice? And why did they foul off so many pitches? Yes, he made some really good pitches, but overall too many walks and too many pitches. Sale on the mound tonight… Might be tough to watch.

    • I’m so sick of hearing about hearing about stuff. The only think I care about is can he get hitters out? I don’t give a shit what his “Stuff” is like.

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