Tigers 4 Twins 3

Well a win and a series win is great but the MVP for the Tigers in this game was Twins right fielder Oswaldo Arcia.

Arcia misjudged two fly balls off of the bat of Victor Martinez that resulted in two runs including the winning run.

Freeway Ricky was good. He pitched seven innings and allowed three earned runs and the bullpen, Joba and Nathan, were adequate.

That being said the offense left an individual total of 25 men on base.

Like yesterday, it wasn’t pretty, but the way things have been going we’ll take it.

The Royals come to town tomorrow.

JV on the hill for the opener.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural


2 thoughts on “Tigers 4 Twins 3

  1. Stats show RP is having the most difficulty in the 6th inning. If he can work that out he should get back to winning games again… This game proved to me once and for all the Tigers do not have a LF or 5th hitter… I have no confidence in JD Martinez in either of those positions… Davis has tailed off badly, to the point where he hardly plays anymore… In order to get more production from the 5th spot (as in RBI’s) I think it should be Avila or Nick C… This week let’s see if the team is motivated enough to step it up against KC.. If form holds true the Royals will shit their pants again..

  2. Sark I hope you are right. After that win I felt dirty like I should go home and take a shower. By Friday we will be in a battle or a dive they may not pull out of. I am glad God made whiskey and painkillers.

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