is the Tigers record over their last 29 games after their third straight loss to the Royals, 2-1.

Pitching wasn’t the problem this afternoon, Drew Smyly pitched 7 innings, allowed 2 earned runs on 7 hits, with 6 strike outs and zero walks.

No, today the Tigers offense decided not to show up, excluding J.D. Martinez.  This is actually starting to look like another bad trend.

The Tigers struck out 13 times including two by Davis, two by Kinsler, two by Victor, two by Avila, and two by Suarez.

At 29 games, this is way past a slump or a skid, I think this is who the Tigers are.

It looks like 2014 is going to be another disappointing season.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “9-20…

  1. Luv your blog however there are times when I HATE IT…..when you are right and well looks like you are. One more with KC three with Tribe…gonna go look for a Sheffield jersey.

    • I HATE THEM! I really hate writing the blog sometimes. The last 29 games they just BLOW! When they get SP they don’t score or the pen blows up. when they score runs the pitching blows. When they score runs and get pitching the defense falls apart. They just find ways to lose.

  2. Let’s face it, they lived a pretty charmed life (in baseball terms) the past few seasons.. Very few injuries to the starting pitchers and survived many a roller coaster ride with the various ‘closers’. Even with Miggy’s injury last year they still should have won it all… Fate may have caught up to them… Case in point, the 3rd out grounder hitting second base in the first inning… The near miss bunt by VMart, and Nick C missing a HR by inches… They are doing every possible thing to lose games now with no end in sight… I’m not the least bit ready to concede the title to KC, because everyone is beating the Tigers now… Look out for this 9-game road trip coming up… All crap teams that are licking their chops… This road trip will likely define the rest of the season.

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