Astros 4 Tigers 3

The Tigers seven game win streak ended at the hands of the Astros last night in 11 innings.

The Tigers, technically, got a quality start from Justin Verlander.  He pitched six innings and allowed three earned runs.  But that’s not a $30 million start.  I have no problem when players, or anybody else, make as much as they can, but “to whom much is given, much is expected.”  I expect more than six innings and three earned runs for $30 million.

JV struck out 8 and walked only 1 but had to throw enough pitches to get through 6 that he couldn’t come out for the seventh.  I guess he’s been better recently but not $30 million better.  His ERA is down to 4.80.

I’m hoping that the Tigers can take at least one game in Houston.  Remember the last road trip the Tigers started 6-0?

Let’s not repeat that.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural


One thought on “Astros 4 Tigers 3

  1. Nothing like your ace to get in the way of a good winning streak#$%@…. JV aside, this was disappointing to me because as I suggested last week this trip would define the rest of their season, I also had visions of a 9-0 trip… This game was lost on 2 little league plays by our catcher, plain and simple… And not taking advantage of the hard hit balls in the first 4 innings.. Pretty weak the rest of the game… I’m hoping Miggy will tell the all-star game, thanks but no thanks… I get the feeling he has a minor leg injury and needs the 4 days rest..

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