Tigers Beat Royals Into A Conniption, 16-4

The Tigers continued their offensive explosion yesterday in Kansas City.

It’s hard to single out one person, because offensively, most of the team was smokin balls.

And, there was some leather flashin too, specifically DK in the 8th(?) at first base.

The only downer is that Drew Smyly gave up four runs in 6.2 innings. I guess I should remember what Bob Feller said, only look at wins, and give Smyly credit for getting the win.

One other thing that concerns me, I hope the Tigers have some offense left for the rest of the series. Other than that, “How ’bout Them Tigers!!!!!!!!”

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “Tigers Beat Royals Into A Conniption, 16-4

  1. The last series against KC seemed to get the Tigers’ attention… A little motivation, some really lousy KC pitching, and a lot of Raul Ibanez in LF will net you a lot of offense… Ibanez reminded me of some of the slugs who play in my senior league…

    • Ibanez reminds me of Rajai Davis or Torii Hunter in the outfield. I know, Torii used to be good but he ain’t anymore. I was listening to the game not watching, did Ibanez try deking runners? 🙂
      At least he’s hitting .147.

  2. Yea Sark good point Ibanez may be a Tigers secret weapon. For what it’s worth the K.C. press reminds us that we miss Alex Gordon & Jason Vargas & yes I know they miss V Mart Just sayin what’s in some of their press.

  3. He didn’t do any faking, just plain bad outfielder.. Never was much anyway, and since he’s been DH’ing for the past decade what did KC expect.. Good to miss Gordon, but wasn’t really worried about Vargas.. They’ll probably throw Bruce Chen out there, or worse yet call up Joe Saunders from AAA… KC don’t have the depth to compete right now, but this weekend is their world series, and after the AS break they’ll be a wild card contender..

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