Tiger 2 Royals 1

The Tigers insured themselves no worse than a split, and no worse than a 4.5 game lead at the AS break, despite Joe Nathan.

Hmmm, ‘despite Joe Nathan’, I think I’ve written that more than once this year.

I guess I should give Nathan credit for nailing down the save but he made it a lot more ‘interesting’ than it should have been. He threw 27 pitches in the ninth inning and only 13 of them were strikes. In fact, of the five batters he faced, he fell behind 2-0 to three of them.

OK, I’ve complained enough for one post, especially after a Tigers win. But here’s a note to DD, you still need a closer.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs| The Natural

2 thoughts on “Tiger 2 Royals 1

  1. This game, more than any other so far, proves he Royals aren’t ready for prime time.. In spite of the less-than-stellar pitching the Tigers still won.. There is only one team you can beat 2-1 with average pitching and it’s KC.. We gave them enough chances, caught a break in the 8th on the interference call, but made the plays when needed.. I agree the closer hasn’t been very consistent, but I simply don’t see a scenario where the Tigers trade for another closer.. Not with how much there paying this one, and with Hanrahan set to come up around Sept 1.. They may be in win-now mode, but they’re still working with limited dollars.. But DD has stepped out of the box before, so we could see a surprise move.. As for now I think the Sharks are circling the Royals this weekend..

  2. Sark I am with you regarding Nathan $10M is a lota pizza. That said I still suspect another arm is coming and it will depend on Nathan’s performance in the next 10 days as whether it’s a reliever with closing experience or something else….don’t know. If you read the KC press they STILL lament no Alex Gordon and as far as the interference call here is an interesting quote “I don’t know what the rule is” said Lorenzo Caine Not sure I would say that to a pool reporter but you are right they seem to pin everything on Shields tonight. Vegas says KC -125 Det +118 Glad I have XM Radio!

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