Tribe 9 Tigers 3

Ok. What’s going on with the seventh inning? The last two games, Verlander on Sunday, Sanchez today, Tigers starters have smoked balls for six innings, then blew up in the seventh.

Tonight, Sanchez was dealing for six innings. He was tossing a shut out, striking out seven and walking one. He couldn’t record an out in the seventh. He was charged with four runs.

Did I mention, the bullpen didn’t help him out any?

  • Ian Krol was charged with a run and didn’t retire anybody.
  • Everyday Al, got two big outs then gave up two bombs.
  • Phil Coke pitched an inning, didn’t give up a run, but walked two.
  • Chad Smith pitched an inning and gave up two runs.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but this might be the worst bullpen in history. They suck.

If the starters can’t give the Tigers seven innings, I don’t like their chances.

Double header tomorrow.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “Tribe 9 Tigers 3

  1. I just don’t have answers for this one. The Mud Hens have a double header tomorrow. How many roster moves can you make in the next 10 hours? How many AAA pitchers can you get here? I am gonna pack a towel for tomorrow so I can cry. Can you guess what the worms are doing in AA’s brain? If he went Rick Ankiel would you be suprised?

    • To me, it looks like hitters are just sitting on his slider. This bullpen is an abomination. FYI: Sunday when I tweeted that “I’d rather have a bad Verlander than any Ian Krol”. Krol’s twitter account favorited it.

  2. I’ve been saying it for over a year now.. The Tigers have a single void in the bullpen and they have had since Zumaya blew out his arm.. They don’t have the fireman to come clean up the mess left by the starter, in this case Sanchez. To AA’s credit he was one pitch away from striking out the side with the winning run on 3rd.. He relies on the slider too much and they sit there waiting for it. And if he hangs one goodbye baseball. This one is really on Sanchez, for not even getting an out in the 7th. He’s got to be able to finish better than this mess he made. Zumaya saved many a situation like that in 2006 by vaporizing the hitters with the heater, or buckling their knees with the curve. That’s what they need, not another one inning end of the game type. Question is, does that guy even exist anymore in today’s game?

  3. FYI The Tribe has made roster moves brought up a single A guy they have TEN arms in the pen today…….OH BOY!

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