Tigers 5 Indians 1

I didn’t get to see a minute of this game.  I got on a flight at noon and didn’t arrive until the game was over.

From perusing the box score however, it looks the same tried and true recipe was used to salvage the last game of this four game debacle.

Drew Smyly pitched seven complete and allowed only one run.  Instead of relying on the bullpen for 3 or 4 innings, only two were required.

Joba continued to show that he is the only reliable arm out of the bullpen. He pitched a scoreless 8th, although he did walk two.

Joe Nathan pitched a scoreless ninth in a non-save situation.

It looks like the offense came alive, scoring five runs.  Miggy took an ofer but it looks like Ajax, Torii, and Costellanos had good games.

Although, I like him, he seems like a decent guy, I’ve been pretty critical of Austin Jackson.  But he seems be coming on a bit lately.  He had two hits today and his batting average is up to .264.

Off to the Valley of the Sun for a three game series with the Diamondbacks.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Tigers 5 Indians 1

  1. Well you are a pretty good detective. As goes the starting pitching…..oh well not much to complain about EXCEPT with the bases loaded and one out they failed to tack on and our friend Ryan Rayburn failed to make an outfield assist which could have shut things down early but it went the Tigers way today and it was time for that.

  2. Better do well in AZ, with big 4-gamer against angels coming next weekend. Traditionally don’t play well there.. With our record on the road this year let’s hope for a turnaround in LA.. Didn’t watch any of the games this weekend – good thing since they play like crap at home..

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