Angels 4 Tigers 0

This game SUCKED. JV pitched pretty well, but when your offense decides to take two games completely off, you can’t pitch well enough to win.

The last two games the Tigers have scored a grand total of one run. Not surprisingly, they’re 0-2.

Other than Jackson, there weren’t even a lot of hard hit outs. The offense BLEW.

It is really unfair to single one guy out when the whole team sucked, but can someone explain why Ausmus runs Avila out there every game including against lefties?

Avila took another ofer and struck out for the 98th time this season. That’s 98 times in 101 games. And BA still runs him out there. I don’t get it.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “Angels 4 Tigers 0

  1. I woke up today and made a startling discovery…..we are not the Cleveland Indians…for how long don’t know. Avila 98k’s in 101games? He appears to be channeling Adam Dunn and forgot the home run part. Here are more #’s to ponder since the ASB V Mart 9-35 (1) xbh (1) rbi J Mart 4-24 (1) xbh. I will take the day off and go see the play Ernie @ 3pm and try & change the karma…..

  2. UGLY!! I just wish they would tell us BEFORE the game (and not after) if they are going to have their concentration at the plate, so we can find something better to do with our 3 hours.. I don’t expect better on getaway day..

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