Verlander takes selfie…

with unsuspecting fan at Starbucks.

This is a nice story about JV that was sent to me by an avid reader.

I used to be a huge JV fan and sometimes apologist.  However, I’ve soured on him over the last year or so.  The first strike was when I was told he doesn’t sign autographs anymore.  Apparently, he doesn’t want his signatures ending up on ebay.

I can understand JV getting irritated with people that approach him with a bag full of balls or a stack of pictures but he could institute an one autograph per person rule instead of no autographs for anyone.  I guess this bothers me for selfish reasons.  I’m an autograph collector and have been looking for a JV signed ball for a few years now.  I guess I have no chance of adding that to my collection.

For the record, I have never sold a single autograph I’ve gotten in person or purchased and I appreciate personalized signatures. I guess, since I’m a hapless, childless, bachelor, my nieces will have to decide what to do with my collection after they bury me so I guess they could end up on ebay sometime in the future.

The second strike was a story I heard from this year’s fantasy camp.  Apparently, JV was warming up and a small crowd of fantasy players gathered around to take in his warmup.  They were promptly told that Verlander does not want people watching him pitch.  Really, they why in the sam hell do I pay $12k a year for season tickets?

All my souring aside, this is a nice story.

One thought on “Verlander takes selfie…

  1. He was an ass at fantasy camp. And when I asked one of his ex-teammates he basically agreed with me that JV is one of those types who craves attention, but only when convenient for him.

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