Cardinals 2 Tigers 1

A sweep would have been nice but I’ll take 2 out of 3, on the road, against the Cardinals, any time.  Although there wasn’t much offense to speak of Yoenis Cespedes flashed some leather.  He made a nice running catch in the second.  In the seventh, the made a good, one hop, throw to the plate to cut down Jhonny Peralta to keep the game tied.  On the back end of the throw, James McCann made an excellent pick and tag.  After the play I couldn’t help wondering if Avila would have made the play.  Speaking of A Squared Money, does he still have a job?

Am I the only one that found John Kruk and Curt Schilling’s incessant Miggy worshipping too much to take?  It was making his at-bats hard to watch.  JMC is probably the best right handed hitter I’ve ever seen but enough already.  They were acting like fifteen year old girls, in the 80’s, at a Rick Springfield concert.  Hmmm, I’m showing my age.

2 thoughts on “Cardinals 2 Tigers 1

  1. Couldn’t agree more about the 2 boobs announcing. Or should I say trying to forecast everything that is going to happen, instead of simply analyzing what actually happens. They have to be the two most annoying analysts on TV. And the Miggy worship is over-the-top. And they failed to mention anything about his day/night splits, which are very troubling… Even the hit he got today was hit during daylight. Friday night was his first HR at night this year.. We shall see how this plays out.. I was impressed by the D this whole series.. Now 5-2 in games without VMart in the lineup, though technically he played tonight… Wondering when this offense is going to hit against a good pitcher.

  2. Well like 15 year old girls in the 80’s….If ya only get to see it in real life once in a great while…anyway maybe we are a little spoiled watching JMC the way we do. I’ll take a series win from an NL division leader. A “quality” start from pitching…and point taken 5-2 without VMart next week well pitchers we haven’t seen…guess we will see how far pitching and defense can carry this club…..

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