Tigers 3 A’s 2

So you score four runs in three games and win two of three. What does that tell you. First, your pitching is really good. Second, your hitting is really bad. Yes, I’m stating the obvious. Yes, I’ve been saying the same thing for three years. Yes, both are true. The bad news is that I don’t expect the offense to be much better in Anaheim where the offense is traditionally horrible. I’ll take the series win, and hope, which Nebraska informs me is not a strategy, for the best, but I’m out of options.

2 thoughts on “Tigers 3 A’s 2

  1. Well nothing wrong with the obvious…IF you believe good pitching beats good hitting and we have an improved defense well the A’s left 10 men on in the one run game. We won. We are happy with our Emergency starter and we won. And if you understand reversion to the mean well KC came closer to earth and Kinsler hit, still a bunch of people on the DL. Win 50 lose 50 it’s the other 62 so one run wins are fine. I’ll take a series win & stay up tonight and see what happens…

  2. KC will be the main competition, but I have to admire what the Twins are doing. And in about 30 games they get their best pitcher back from suspension.. Monitor is clearly the best manager in this division.. However, I was impressed by BA decision to switch Cespedes and JD, who is clearly not a #4 hitter.. Would like to have seen Rajai benched yesterday for his blunder of missing the No Steal sign Tues night when Miggy was up.. Would also like to have seen Nick C benched for missing a hit and run.. These are major blunders that can make the difference between win and loss.. Send a message Brad!!

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