Tigers 6 Cubs 0

Good pitching. Good defense. Six runs scored including no double plays hit into. That gets the Tigers a modest three game winning streak. I’m not back on the bandwagon but it has been a lot easier to watch than the previous eight. Hey, even Joba helped out tonight. He got a big bases loaded strike out to preserve Sanchez’s line to end the eighth.

If Nebraska were around he’d say, ‘we shall see’ and we shall.

3 thoughts on “Tigers 6 Cubs 0

  1. Lester doesn’t match up well against us for some reason.. In fact he isn’t even the best pitcher on his now team. That guy is tomorrow night.. Lester is the perfect example of a new team paying for his past accomplishments with a former team.. They’re never going to get any bang for that buck..

  2. Didn’t get to see it so can’t comment except to say there are over 100 games left and we picked up a game in the division. On the tour of ballpark’s Robbie Ray pitched not quite well enough to get the win in LA…but you know where you are when you walk in the room and hear Vince Scully just to cool…

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