Tigers 4 Indians 0

With two on and one out in the bottom of the sixth inning of a scoreless game at Comerica Park, we saw something that we used to see fairly frequently, but haven’t seen much of this year.  Jose Miguel Cabrera beat the first pitch he saw from Indians pitcher Danny Salazar into an absolute conniption.  The ball went into the camera well that hovers above and behind the center field wall.  It had to travel at least 450 feet from home plate.

Miggy’s monster mash was huge for several reasons, not the least of which was that it came when the Tigers needed it most.  Up until that time they really hadn’t done much off of Salazar.  Second, it came in a night game and for whatever reason, he hasn’t been hitting well at night this year.  Third, he hit the first pitch of the at-bat.  He usually jumps on first pitches but not so much this season. I know it is one game and one at-bat but we haven’t seen a lot of vintage Miggy this year.

David Price pitched his second consecutive complete game shutout.  I was surprised when Dan Dickerson said this was only the third shutout of this career.  In any case, I believe our old friend Freeway Ricky had back to back complete game shutouts last year.

I realized something else today, I like when the Tigers turn double plays a lot better than when they hit into them. I believe the Tigers turned four to the Indians one this evening.

One last thing, Iggy, Kinsler and Miggy have been flashin leather and really look like a good double play combination.  Don’t shove it down my throat tomorrow guys.

2 thoughts on “Tigers 4 Indians 0

  1. It was good to see Miggy finally pick the team up on his shoulders… I was just mentioning at the bar the other night how it would be nice to see Miggy just go off for one week and carry the team on his back.. Maybe this is the start? Price may have pitched his way into the CY conversation, since my fantasy ace King Felix blew up tonight.. How is this for a pitching line??? 1/3 inning, 8 ER, 7 hits, 2 BB, 1K… WOW!

  2. Didn’t get to see it ‘cept the blast which was great. 101 games left and everyone else in the Central lost so…. Let’s see what JV looks like. On the tour of the ballparks Mike Trout is as advertised. And the big A is a nice park with rally monkeys and in need of new audio & video… we don’t realize how lucky we are iñ the “D”

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