Indians 8 Tigers 2

So the brief winning streak is over.  Buck Farmer doesn’t seem ready for the big leagues.  Hmm, I’m not sure JV is ready either. The only good thing is that J.D. stayed hot with another home run.

I’m beginning to worry about Justin Verlander and wonder what the Tigers can expect from him the rest of way on his contract. It could be ugly.  He shows no signs of paying any dividends in the near future.

When Price leaves, this once vaunted rotation will look rather modest. (He’s going to the Cubs.) I’m not sure what to make of Simon.  One start he looks great the next he looks like he’s throwing batting practice.  Sanchez is great when he’s on and not balking and not hurt.  I’m not sure what’s going on with Greene and Lobstein.  A lot of ifs and maybes and mights and Idontknows.  I’m rambling.

Let’s see what happens this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Indians 8 Tigers 2

  1. Go to the News and read Henning’s piece on the wild card….rambling… however it left me very afraid for the next several years…and I am the guy that keeps reminding us how many games are left. Crippy as you say pitching…and it don’t look good now. I have decided the Nick C experiment is over…someone convince me otherwise?

  2. Ahh, but fear not… For he himself, the myth, the legend, the savior… BRUCE RONDON has finally arrived!! We can all buy up those world series tickets now.

    • well first we have to get through Toronto. I’m not sure if you heard, in additon to Good Ole Dirksy, the signed Phil Coke. Here come Torotonians!


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