Pirates 8 Tigers 4

There’s an old saying in baseball, ‘if you can’t pitch, you can’t win’, and right now, the Tigers can’t pitch.  I spent the first two months complaining, rightly so, about the offense, and now the pitching staff can’t hold opposing teams to under five runs a game.  Guess what, Toronto comes to town tomorrow.  It isn’t going to get any easier.

A reliable source and friend of this blog, Nebraska, has passed along an unsubstantiated rumor. He heard that the Tigers are going to send Nick “The Quick” Castellanos, Alex “A Squared Money” Avila, and a third player to the Cincinnati Reds for Johnny Cueto.  If the trade happens, Nebraska’s sources are usually pretty good, I’m not sure what the purpose is.  I’m not going to cry about losing Nick the Quick or A Squared Money, but what do the Tigers need with a rental like Cueto?  Is the front office delusional? Do they really think this team can compete?  I don’t.

McFly, is anybody home?

4 thoughts on “Pirates 8 Tigers 4

  1. Yes, they are delusional!!! They actually think they are a tweak or two away.. They do this every year.. The window officially closed in 2013… What they should do is package everyone not named McCann, JDMart, and Iglesias for a 22 new players..

  2. Well KC proved they can drop 4 in a row…HOWEVER the Tigers need to figure out how to win. Season isn’t over yet but time is no longer on their side. I suspect the picture and record will look different one way or the other in about 28 days.

  3. It’s not like our Tigers are going anywhere this season, so yeah, why waste a trade on a rental player that won’t make any difference come fall. I know Casty has been frustrating, but he’s hit at every level so far, and I think he can get going at some point. Don’t the Tigers have hitting coaches to help out? Doesn’t seem like it, lately.

    • Mike, you are absolutely right? What is Wally Joyner doing? I have been critical of Nick “The Quick” too but I don’t want to give up on him this early either, especially for another rental. Let’s look at this. Assuming they get Cueto, and he leaves at the end of the season, and I’m certain Price is leaving, why hasn’t he signed if he isn’t, next year the Tigers have Sanchez, Verlander, Simon, ?, ?. What kind of a rotation is that? Verlander is maybe a 4th or 5th at this point in his career and I’m not sure what to do with Simon. So Sanchez is the ace? This is a nightmare. This is a huge payroll last place team. Are we going to have to sit through 2003 again?

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