O’s 9 Tigers 3

Nebraska sent me an article that that the fire sale has begun in Cincinnati.  I think it should begin in Detroit as well. Verlander was horrible. The offense wasn’t far behind.

It appears JV’s start in Minnesota was the anomaly. He gave up seven earned again today and wasn’t fooling anybody.  He couldn’t make it out of the third.

The offense could manage only three runs despited getting 14 hits.  There was pretty much nothing to like except Iggy’s four hit day.

This is going to get ugly but it doesn’t have to stay ugly for long.  I just don’t want to sit through another 2003.

3 thoughts on “O’s 9 Tigers 3

  1. Tigers do need to sell and start the re-building process. They are going nowhere this season, and that’s not being pessimistic. They should have won the WS in 2006, 2012, and/or 2013, when they were the best team in baseball. I know Illitch stills wants to win know, but he needs to be realistic also.

  2. I think the best thing tt can happen is they drop games like a hot potatoes and make it clear they sell. I believe they have a competitive core of position players and some pen pieces (Wilson, Hardy, AA) that work so…..IF they can leverage some pitching I will wait. It’s been exposed Toledo & Tigers DO NOT= Grand Rapids & Wings and that is another story

  3. Well, based on all the emails and phone calls I’m getting from Tigers, ticket sales are not going as expected for the remainder of the season. That should be an indication of things to come.. Selling will depend on two factors.. A willing trade partner.. and an acceptance of failure on the part of Ilitch.. Personally I don’t think they have any valuable assets available (i.e. pending free agents) to bring much in return, Price included.. Miggy is the most valuable asset to bring the necessary return to rebuild on the fly… Knowing how Ilitch operates that won’t happen..

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