Mariners 11 Tigers 9

If there was any hope for the Tigers left in the 2015 season Franklin Gutierrez ended it in the eighth inning last night.  His pinch hit grand slam off of Neftali Feliz should make it clear to the Tigers brass that 2016 is what they need to start concentrating on.  For all intents and purposes, 2015 is over.

Lost is this debacle was a mammoth home run by J.D. Martinez. J.D. continued his impressive season with an absolute CONNIPTION shot to straight away center field to give the Tigers signs of life in the third inning.  If Miggy can’t come back it should be fun watching J.D. the rest of the way.

2 thoughts on “Mariners 11 Tigers 9

  1. Meanwhile in KC the winning continues. Actually looking forward to going to the park in August the annoying drunken corporate crew in front and on my right should thin out considerably traffic will be lighter all lines will be shorter I can handicap the next crop of prospects wander around sit in the empty seats down front work on my tan….yea

  2. Well we’re were back for one day only.. Feliz couldn’t make the Rangers bullpen, so why would anyone think he would improve ours.. When DD leaves after the season he will best be remembered for the absolute failure to construct a bullpen.. Save for the miracle of Joel Zumaya in 2006 it’s been one failure after another.. He made some fantastic trades along the way, but the state of the team he could leave behind is ugly.. I couldn’t possibly pay to watch this crap..

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