Tigers 6 O’s1

In his Tigers debut, Rookie Daniel Norris, spoiled Sark’s prediction. It looked like the Tigers were on their way to dropping the last three games or their four game series with Baltimore after squeaking out the first game 9-8 but Daniel Norris had other ideas. He pitched a gem.

Norris lasted 7.1 innings allowing only one earned run, a solo home run, off the bat of Chris Davis.

The Tigers ended their 10 game road trip 4-6. All things considered, not that bad of a road trip. It’s amazing what good pitching will do.

2 thoughts on “Tigers 6 O’s1

  1. Other than Victors slump I did not see anything I didn’t like…hope I can say the same after 27 outs Tuesday

  2. I blew the call!! Didn’t think the kid could beat the O’s.. I generally watch these games now for the fantasy baseball aspect, and VMart is absolutely killing me.. With him, JV, and Miggy do we have 3 of the worst contracts in all of MLB? JD is my savior!!

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