Tigers 8 Royals 6

Ian Kinsler has turned what started out as a miserable season completely around. Sort of under the radar, well at least under mine, his batting average is up to .296, he’s hitting in Miggy’s old #3 spot, and he knocking in some runs. He’s making me forget that 4-50 streak, or whatever it was earlier in the season, where he was just an automatic out.

Let’s turn to Victor now. Since Miggy went on the DL he has been horrible. This afternoon, however, he hit two bombs and drove in five runs. The Tigers needed every one of them and more because Anibal wasn’t very good and didn’t get any help from Neftali Feliz or Blaine Hardy.

Blaine Hardy gets a pass, he has been excellent all season but why is Feliz still around? He wasn’t good in Texas. He has been worse here. Why not go through growing pains with someone else?

Big Nice series win.

2 thoughts on “Tigers 8 Royals 6

  1. Looks like my slam of VMart worked wonders, at least for a day.. You are correct about Feliz!! Looks like KC is setting themselves up for a fall like he 2006 Tigers.. Lead is too big with bad starting pitching.. Starting to catch up to the bullpen.. Wow, 2 in a row for the Tigers!! How long since?

  2. Well the Tigers won in spite of themselves…good for them. Me I suspect I’ll pay attention to all the guys like Collins and new pitching and look at what the enemy brings in…the corporate seats in front of me have been very empty as of late…interesting to see who stays on point and who (if anyone) mails it in

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