Tigers 6 Royals 4

The Tigers found a way to do what only one other team has done to the Royals in the last two years, come back from an eight inning deficit. In fact, the Royals hadn’t lost a game this year when they were leading after seven but the Tigers got four runs in the eighth and managed to avoid the sweep.

Bruce Rondon looked ok closing the game out in the ninth after he decided to throw strikes.

I really like James McCann. If he can avoid injuries he looks like a keeper.

Jose Miguel Cabrera should make his return to the lineup on Friday night in Houston.

One thought on “Tigers 6 Royals 4

  1. While the comeback was nice for a change, there were few hard hit balls in the 8th inning.. But better to be lucky than good… Speaking of oddities, you’ll notice the Thigers are only 1-1/2 games behind the Royals for the best record in the central division.. 32-19 for KC to 30-20 for the Tigers… The announcers mentioned the other day that KC is only 3-4 games ahead of their record at this time last year.. So the data would indicate this has been more about how pathetic the Tigers have been this year.. As far as Carbrera coming off the DL, it’s probably too soon, but this is how the Tigers operate.. Gotta have Miggy in there to keep the ticket sales up… I don’t expect any change in the direction of the win/loss column.

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