Tigers Lose Series To Rangers

After pulling off their first three game winning streak in nearly two months the Tigers gave it right back by losing the next three, at home, to the Texas Rangers.  The pitching wasn’t the problem.  The offense, once again, decided to go into hibernation.

For whatever reason, they don’t like to support Verlander with runs.  On Friday night, despite three doubles, Miggy’s asinine antics on the bases cost the Tigers at least two runs.

I didn’t see one pitch on Saturday but they didn’t score until the ninth and yesterday they couldn’t get a hit with runners on base.

They’re back to the seventh grade cacophony of nonsense and their front office has the audacity to ask us for a deposit on playoff tickets.  That’s right up there with $12 chicken fingers.  I’m at the point where I’m ready to tell them to shove their season tickets up their greedy arses.  Have they no shame? (rhetorical)

4 thoughts on “Tigers Lose Series To Rangers

  1. Well when you call your ticket rep to ask if NOT buying playoff tickets impacts your seating for next season they well be very polite and tell you no impact….so sit back watch the new kids….watch your manager melt down and get ready for next year….

  2. This act has grown stale, and until season ticket holders revolt in mass numbers, nothing will change. You can find better entertainment for your hard-earned dollar.

    • Can you believe they want PLAYOFF TICKET MONEY? REALLY? You know me Sark. You know how I squander money. Nebraska knows too. But the $12 chicken fingers and the playoff money for this shit ass team is too much even for me.


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