Angels 2 Tigers 0

Randy Wolf pitched a gem. Unfortunately, Matt Shoemaker did him one better. For some reason the Tigers just can’t hit Shoemaker, even the Mighty Miggy.

No conniption shots today.

The Tigers dropped another game and another series. There wasn’t much to get excited about other than Wolf’s pitching and two nice throw outs by Alex Avila. A Squared Money displayed a Bazooka and Kinsler helped him out on the back end with a nice pick and tag on the first one.

One thought on “Angels 2 Tigers 0

  1. I was reading the comment boards in the freep this morning, and the ragging on Avila is relentless.. Particularly on the play at the plate.. In his defense the throw from Collins was poor and tough to handle, especially with a catchers mitt.. And speaking of Collins, he reminds me of a poor-man’s Andy Dirks.. Sort of good, but not good enough.. 5th outfielder at best.

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