Royals 12 Tigers 1

The Royals beat Randy Wolf and Tigers into a conniption and for the second straight game I didn’t see or hear one pitch.  I was on my back from San Diego through Atlanta.  I was getting updates but decided not to tune in.

As the Tigers fall ten games below the .500 mark it is looking like three things are true.  First, Sark is correct, it will be hard for this team to win 70 games.  Second, Nebraska is correct, watching the Tigers is much easier with beer and whiskey.  Third, the only remaining games in which the Tigers have a chance to win are those that JV pitches.

Although this season has been very disappointing I’m hoping that JV and JD finish strong and Miggy gets his head out if his arse and wins another batting title.

I’d really like to see J.D. drive in 100 runs.  He needs 13 more with 30 games to get there.

One thought on “Royals 12 Tigers 1

  1. I’d rather be wrong about the win total, but what does it matter anyway. I’m not sure JD will make the 100 rbi total. He has gone into another funk and is not recognizing how the pitchers are working him.

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