Labor Day Weekend Review

My last post from was from last Thursday when the Royals beat the Tigers into a conniption.  It has been a hectic week for me.  I returned from San Diego late Wednesday night and then flew to London, England on Thursday to spend Labor Day weekend.

Although, London was five hours ahead I did listen to some baseball. I usually stayed awake for the first five innings.  Despite losing two out of three to the Indians, at home, over the weekend, I thought the Tigers would at least deliver free pizza with a nine run outburst on Saturday but they only mustered six in a shutout win.

In Sunday’s game, I guess they decided not to score any runs for JV who threw another quality start. He wasn’t great, but lasted seven innings, and gave the team a chance to win, but you know the story, when they get pitching, they usually decide not to hit.

Anyway, even after their win last night, the Tigers are in last place in the A.L. Central.  Without searching my early season posts, I believe I sounded an early alarm at the possibility that they could finish in last or at least third or fourth in the division.  Now, the Tigers are my team and I’m not one of those guys that starts cheering against their team when things go south, but this team is in last place and frankly, they deserve it.

I’m back home and I’ll be at the game tonight.

2 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Review

  1. Well from the looks of the empty seats at last nights game you should have no trouble spreading out and enjoying the view….

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