Tigers Split Doubleheader With Tribe

In losing game one JV pitched better than his line although his two walks and hit batter came back to haunt him. He didn’t get hit hard he just ran into some hard luck when a few bloopers found the outfield grass. Of course the offense and bullpen didn’t help him out either.

In game two Randy Wolf only lasted three innings but limited the damage to two runs and the offense and pen came to his aid, the opposite of what they did for JV in game one.

Basically this doubleheader was a microcosm of the 2015 season.

On another note, Miggy is really struggling. Despite hitting the ball hard a few times he looks bad at the plate. In game two he came to bat with the bases loaded twice and struck out and grounded into a double play. As always, it’s hard to complain about the Mighty Miggy but he’s pretty much one of only three reasons left to tune in the rest of this season so when he’s on a bad run it makes the games even harder to watch.

J.D. just might get to 100 RBIs.

3 thoughts on “Tigers Split Doubleheader With Tribe

  1. I get the feeling Miggy has lost interest and focus.. Which would seem unprofessional, but quite a normal human reaction to this dumpster fire.. At this point I’m only watching these games to watch my best fantasy league hitter JD try to finish strong.. What other reason is there? I certainly can’t stand to watch Miggy and VMart not run hard to first base.. Or more base runners get thrown out at home..

    • If Miggy has lost interest, I would be VERY unprofessional! He has a chance to win another batting title and he gets paid A LOT OF MONEY!

      VMART, I’m sorry to say, is a complete waste. He had a fabulous year last year. He got paid, but he is in his late 30s and injury prone.

      JD, JV and Miggy are my only reasons for tuning in the rest of the way. And now Miggy is not hitting well. So it is just JV and seeing if JD can get to 100.


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