Tigers 7 White Sox 4

The Tigers earned a split in the four game series with the White Sox and they did it the hard way. After losing a doubleheader on Monday they won in extra innings yesterday and evened it up this afternoon in the finale behind another quality start from Justin Verlander.

JV lasted seven innings and allowed three earned.  He was impressive in the seventh. Knowing it was his last inning he left it all on the mound. He pounded Sox hitters with high nineties fastballs reminding us all he can still bring the heat.

More good news.  The offense showed up today and scored some runs. J.D. drove in two and brought is RBI total up to 98 on the season and Victor hit his 11th home run.

The Twins come to town this weekend and it is a big series for the Minnesotans.  They’re still in the wild card hunt.  Perhaps the Tigers can play spoiler?

Miggy rested a sore back today. I’m a little worried about him. He hasn’t hit with much power and I’m wondering if we’ll ever see the Mighty Miggy again.

4 thoughts on “Tigers 7 White Sox 4

  1. Miggy will hit again and with power. I have no problem with his contract and locking him up until he turns 40. He will eventually be our DH. And I really enjoy watching JV now He gives us one spot in the rotation and has done a fine job bringing it for about his last 10 starts. I would love to play spoiler this weekend, and am really looking forward to Daniel Norris pitching again. Hope the Tigers play inspired ball to close things out. GO TIGERS!!!!

  2. rundmc, you’re probably right about Miggy. I’m just a little disappointed, i guess as disappointed as you can be about a soon to be four time batting champion. He’s one of the only things I tune in for and when he doesn’t hit, it is kind of downer.

    Daniel Norris and JV look like the can fill two spots in next year’s rotation. Now they need three starters, an entire bullpen, and a new THIRD BASE COACH!

  3. In my humble opinion, Miggy will hit for high average because of his tremendous hand-eye coordination and great swing mechanics.. however, his power of past seasons may be just that, a thing of the past.. He is overweight and likely out of condition from all the injuries the past 3 seasons.. It has greatly affected his bat speed, which is needed for power hitting.. Again, just my opinion, but the statistics don’t lie..

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