Twins 7 Tigers 1

This was a disappointing home finale to a disappointing 2015 season.  The Tigers had a chance to leave the home fans with a good taste in their mouth but instead gave them one last up close and personal look at the cacophony of nonsense they’ve witnessed this entire season.

The game was decided in the second inning when the Twins scored six runs.  Only four were earned but that is only because official baseball scoring doesn’t assume a double play on a booted ground ball with a runner on base.  Nick Castellanos committed an error on a ball that should have resulted in a double play, Randy Wolf couldn’t pitch around it, and the flood gates were open.

The offense was no help and the home finale was another microcosm of the 2015 season. The Tigers will wrap up the 2015 season on the road.  They need one more win to avoid a 90 loss season, Miggy is still chasing his fourth batting title and J.D. needs two more RBIs for 100. (It’s a stretch but I need something to tune in for.)

We shall see.

4 thoughts on “Twins 7 Tigers 1

  1. With the re-hiring of Brad Ausmus it’s hard to take this team seriously.. While all of the blame can’t be his, this is a manager who seems to inspire poor fundamental play.. One must wonder what pending free-agents now think of this dysfunctional organization and if it will affect their ability to sign anyone of value.. We may be back to 2004 when we had to overpay..

  2. You’re right, the game was decided in the second inning, and they just didn’t seem to want to play after that. Casty’s error really hurt, but at the same time, they couldn’t get past it as a team and fight through it. Casty has still progressed well, imo, and has had a fine second half of the season. I’m sure they’ll have him working on his fielding in the off-season, though. Not much to say about Ausmus coming back. We’ll see how the team looks coming into next season, and if Avila can build a quality team. If he does and the Tigers still can’t compete, Ausmus will be gone by next June.

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