Rangers 7 Tigers 6

If you score six runs off of Cole Hamels you probably had a pretty good night.  Not last night.  The Tigers were charged with four errors and probably should have been charged with six. This was a cacophony of nonsense redux.

J.D. hit a two-run homer giving him 101 RBIs on the season. That’s about all I can stomach to write about this one.  It was disgusting. I felt bad for Daniel Norris who struggled but was kicked in the stomach by his pals playing the field behind him.

2 thoughts on “Rangers 7 Tigers 6

  1. Did the management really leave the kid with the electric arm in a very stressful pitching situation just to prove to everyone what a great job they do of managing young talent coming off an injury in very meaningful games? I am so impressed with that I would be sure and bring that management team back next year……..

  2. they let him throw 54 pitches in the first inning. I didn’t get it either. I just thought well, he’ll throw 70 pitches, whether it is in the first inning or over five. Who knows.

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